How Is a Jar of Peanut Butter Born?

peanut butter
peanut butter
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Peanut paste
Peanut butter with whole peanut

Many people are engaged in the peanut butter industry, promoting its prosperity. But if you are just an average person, or you’re going to be occupied in the peanut butter industry, is it clear in your mind about how is a jar of peanut butter born? how to make peanut butter? In other words, which peanut machines are in urgent need of making peanut butter, especially for mass production?

Peanut butter
peanut butter

This article is to give you an introduction and advice on how to prepare for peanut butter making. Industrial peanut butter making involves many pieces of machines serving different purposes. Generally speaking, the peanut shelling machine, roasting, peeling, grinding, mixing, and filling machine are necessary.

How to Make Peanut Butter in Industry?

The whole process of making peanut butter in industry
The Whole Process Of Making Peanut Butter In Industry

First, harvested peanuts are collected in peanut butter making factories for removing their shells. Workers will put grains into the hopper of the peanut shelling machine and get peanut kernels.

Raw peanut shelling
Raw Peanut Shelling

Second, the peanut roasting machine will bake peanut kernels for a while to increase peanuts’ flavor. In the process, peanuts, especially peanut red skins will become crisp and light.


Third, the peanut peeling machine will remove peanut red skins. Actually, there are two types of the peeling machine: wet peeling machine and dry peeling machine. The biggest difference between them lies in that wet peeling machine leads to the whole peanut kernels while dry peeling machine two even parts of peanut kernels.

Roasted peanut peeling
Roasted Peanut Peeling

Fourth, peanut butter grinder machine will crush and smash peanut into butter. It’s common to see the colloid mill, the stone mill, etc.

Fifth, the fresh peanut butter flows into the storage, mixing, and vacuum tanks for flavoring and seasoning its taste. Vacuum tank excludes excessive air for longer shelf life.

Peanut butter grinding
Grinding And Mixing Of Peanut Butter

Sixth, the filling machine will push peanut butter into various containers. Then peanut butter is to be sealed, labeled, and coded.

Peanut filling, sealing, labeling, and  packaging
Peanut Filling, Sealing, Labeling, And Packaging

In this way, a jar of peanut butter is born.

Peanut butter
A Spoon Of Peanut Butter

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