Cocoa bean nibs grinder machine | chocolate liquor machine

chocolate liquor machine
chocolate liquor machine
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Our cocoa grinder machine is designed to process cocoa beans or nibs into cocoa paste (chocolate liquor). The cocoa bean grinding machine, also known as peanut butter grinding machine, has multiple applications and can be used in a cocoa paste production line. Apart from cocoa nuts or cocoa nibs, the machine can be used to grind other nut kernels, vegetables and fruits. The cocoa liquor (chocolate liquor) machine is one of our hot-selling products.

Cocoa grinder machine
Cocoa Grinder Machine

Cocoa bean grinder machine characteristics

  • High output and efficiency

The cocoa beans paste making machine can produce 0.2-6 tons of final products in an hour.

  • High input-output ratio

The output ratio reaches 90%. For example, 90kg cocoa paste can be produced from 100kg cocoa beans (nibs).

  • Super fineness and adjustable fineness

To meet customers’ specific needs, we offer different models of cacao bean grinder machine. It is easy to change the fineness in the adjustment part.

  • Hygienic and safe

The machine material is food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion with smooth appearance.

  • Easy to operate and maintaine
Cocoa grinder machine
Cocoa Grinder Machine

Structure of electric cocoa bean grinder

Stator, rotor, motor, adjustment mechanism,and other components make up the majority of cocoa bean grinder machine. As for the adjustment part, a small space is between the stator and the rotor. The gap can be adjusted based on actual needs. The material can be efficiently crushed and emulsified as it travels through the gap.

Cocoa grinding machine
Cocoa Grinding Machine

Working procedures of cacao bean grinder

The colloid mill can realize the shearing, grinding and mixing of cocoa beans. The electric motor drives the grinder to work. After the cocoa beans or cocoa nibs enter the hopper, a grinding disc of the chocolate liquor machine rotates at high speed and the other does not move. Raw cocoa nut kernels flow into the gap between the stator and rotor and then they are crushed and successfully ground.

Cocoa bean grinder machine
Cocoa Bean Grinder Machine

Other application

Besides cocoa liquor, the cocoa grinding machine can be used for processing red chili peppers:

Our solution for processing cocoa beans will be helpful for relevant business in the food processing industry. Welcome to contact us directly for more details.