Affordable tomato sauce grinder | ketchup making machine

tomato sauce grinder
tomato sauce grinder
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A tomato sauce grinder also called a colloid mill, is most suitable for grinding materials with high viscosity and large particles. The fine grinding particles can reach more than 120 meshes. The scope of application includes nuts, such as peanut, almond, cashew nut, sesame, Macadamia fruit, and other oil-bearing materials, and vegetables, like tomato, garlic, onion, fresh ginger, radish, etc, as well as fruits. The ketchup making machine is applicable to restaurants, fast food restaurants, seasoning processing plants, large supermarkets, hotels, canteens, etc.

Ketchup nutrients and benefits

Tomato sauce or ketchup is a special condiment. Ketchup tastes sour, sweet, and delicious, which can enhance appetite. As a good seasoning for adding color, sour taste, and freshness, it is often used as dipping material for French fries and cooking seasoning for fish, meat, and other foods. Ketchup contains moderate sugar (glucose and fructose), and it is rich in vitamin A, carotene and minerals, and lycopene. Lycopene is an excellent antioxidant, which can remove free radicals in the human body, inhibit bacterial growth, play an anti-aging role, resist the damage of ultraviolet radiation to the human body, etc. Tomato milling machines are often used for making ketchup.

Tomato sauce
Tomato Sauce

Why need a tomato sauce grinder?

A tomato sauce grinder machine is a professional and efficient solution for processing tomato sauce. The outstanding features are as follows.

  • High efficiency and output. The tomato paste processing equipment can crush the solids in the suspension in a short time. The Tomato ketchup processing machine has the functions of micronization, mixing, stirring, dispersion and emulsification. The output can reach 70-1000kg/h. The high grinding efficiency and output can meet the needs of industrial production of ketchup.
  • High grinding fineness and adjustable fineness. The fineness reaches 120-150 mesh, and it can be adjusted by the handle, which is simple to operate.
  • Excellent grinding power. The ketchup making machine adopts high-strength stainless steel, especially the key dynamic and static grinding discs. So, it is hygenic, corrosion-resistant and has strong processing performance, capable of dealing with the grinding of materials with different hardness;
  • Compact structure, simple operation, stable operation, low noise, easy cleaning and maintenance.
Ketchup making machine
Ketchup Making Machine

How does a ketchup making machine work?

The basic working principle of the tomato sauce grinder is shear, grinding, and high-speed stirring force. Grinding is formed by the relative movement of the toothed inclined plane of the grinding discs. One rotates at high speed and the other is stationary so that the tomatoes passing between the toothed inclined planes receive great shear force and friction. At the same time, the tomatoes are ground, emulsified, and crushed under the influence of complex forces such as high-speed vortex and high-frequency vibration. In this way, the ultra-fine tomato sauce is obtained.

After getting the final tomato sauce, it is necessary to use a ketchup filling machine to pack the products. Apart from the tomato ketchup making machines, we also supply automatic and semi-automatic ketchup filling machines, which are often applied to fill other materials, like peanut butter.