Function and Taboos of peanut butter

peanut butter
peanut butter
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Industrialization has brought us great convenience, which has not only shortened the upgrading life cycle of products, thus speeding up city urbanization. Benefiting from the booming food industry, various jailed butter are listed in supermarkets, gradually stepping into thousands of households. It’s common to see tomato butter, pepper butter, sesame butter and peanut butter. Among them, peanut butter has gained more popularity than others, becoming almost a necessity in each home. It is because people know about its good nutritional value and large suitable population. Peanut butter grinder can produce large amounts of fine butter. Peanut butter is universal and customers can have different ways of cooking. There are many flavors, including sweet and salt. Peanut butter can be smeared on the bread as nice breakfast and usually used as biscuit filling. We can mix peanut butter together with other seasoning into noodles so that we can enjoy delicious food. As we all know eveything has two sides. So today let’s talk about function and taboos of peanut butter.

Now with the improvement of life quality, to eat more safe and secure and more healthy has been paid more attention. As a familiar ingredient in daily life, what nutrition values does peanut butter have? How do they work for human health conditions?

Peanut butter
Peanut Butter


Function 1, abundant protein.

Peanut butter is rich in protein itself with the plant as much as 36%, higher than other grains, only lower than soybeans. Therefore it’s an ideal source of supplementary protein to maintain energy. Besides, peanut butter contains plentiful amino acids, which is helpful to cell development and boost memory.

Function 2, various and plentiful mineral elements

Peanut butter has large amount of mineral elements, including Zinc, phosphorus, calcium. What’s more, we find that peanut butter is rich in Vitamin, such as Vitamin B5,Vitamin E,Vitamin C.

Function 3, high plant active substances

Peanut and its products is abundant in folic acid, plant sterols, unsaturated fatty acids, resveratrol and other plant active substances which have abilities to promote health and disease prevention and control in shape of helping lower the risk of heart disease as well as the incidence of diabetes.

Function 4, weight-losing

Peanuts tend to have a higher proportion of fat, up to 40%, most of which is unsaturated fatty acid. If intaken, cholesterol, there is a possibility that blood pressure and blood fat may be lowered. It is commonly believed that more fat would lead to over-weight, putting dificulty in weight-losing. So with the premise of peanut butter containing much fat, as a result, many people reckon that more peanut injected will arise a problem. That’s over-fatty. However, there is no positive evidence that peanut butter will lead to obesity, especially over-fat. According to the research, peanut butter, if injected properly, combined with low-calorie fruit and vegetables, is likely to help us lose weight so as to achieve the goal of body-shaping and healthy life.

Food taboos

In the process of processing, making and storage, the aflatoxin caused by wrong methods and improper operation as well as facility polluted may arise a threat to human health, sometimes even leading to food poisoning and damage to brand image. What’s worse, there is a possibility of excessive microorganisms in peanut butter polluted may cause deaths.

We’ve talked about function and taboos of peanut butter, so pay attention to the intake of peanut butter im daily life.