Small scale peanut butter making machine (100-300kg/h)

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For small scale peanut butter plants, it is suitable to apply a small peanut butter machine and other supportive equipment. The small scale peanut butter production line mainly includes peanut roaster, peanut peeler, peanut grinder. Taizy stainless steel peanut butter machinery has various outputs, applicable to small, medium, or large peanut butter processing plants or factories. The final peanut butter has high fineness, reaching 120-150 meshes. Our small scale peanut butter machinery with the capacity reaching has been one of our hot sellers.

Commonly used machines for making peanut butter

In a small peanut butter production line, the peanut roasting machine, peanut butter grinding machine, and peanut peeling machine are commonly used. The capacity of this intermittent peanut butter production line can reach from 100kg/h to 300kg/h. As a peanut butter equipment supplier, we also supply automatic continuous peanut butter processing lines besides small peanut butter machines.

Small scale peanut butter making machine 1
Small Scale Peanut Butter Making Machine 1

Small peanut butter machine introduction

Peanut roaster

The peanut roaster machine can evenly roast peanuts in the rotary drum. The roasting temperature and time can be well adjusted. The peanut roasting machine has electrical and gas types.

Peanut peeler

A peanut peeling machine is designed to remove the red skins of roasted peanuts. The peanut peeler has a high peeling rate and cleaning rate.

Small peanut butter machine

The small peanut butter machine (colloid mill) can grind peeled peanuts to be fine peanut butter through the relative motion of a rotor and a stator. The fineness reaches as high as 150 meshes.

Parameter of 100kg/h peanut butter equipment

Single machineTechnical data
TZ-100 Peanut roasterCapacity:100kg/h
Motor power:1.1kw  
Heating power:18kw
Temperature 0-300°
TZ-100 Roasted peanut peelerMotor Power: 0.55kw
Capacity: 200-300kg/h
Fan power: 0.75kw
Voltage: 380V/220V
frequency: 50HZ
Purity: 98%
size: 1100*400*1100mm
TZ-100 Peanut butter grinderFineness: 120-150mesh
Size: 110*75*130cm
Power: 5.5*2kw
technical data

The above is part of the parameter of our small peanut butter machine. Our small peanut butter production line has different capacities and our customized service is also available.

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