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We offer semi-automatic and fully automatic peanut butter production lines. The main machines of our peanut butter production line comprise the roasting machine, peeling machine, grinding machine, storing, mixing, and vacuum tanks, and packing machine. The peanut butter production line is suitable for processing peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, sesame, and other nuts or beans. The whole series of peanut butter production lines characterizes high mechanization, high productivity, and low wreckage rate. As a peanut processing equipment manufacturer and exporter, we have delivered our peanut butter machinery to a large number of countries, especially Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Nigeria, India, etc.

major machines in peanut butter production line

Types of peanut butter processing line

Semi-automatic peanut butter production line

Machine list: peanut roasting machine (a supporting conveyor shall be added in front of a large-capacity roaster), cooling machine, peeling machine, selecting conveyor, lifting machine, grinding machine, storing, mixing, and vacuum tanks, and semi-automatic filling machine.

semi-automatic peanut butter production line
semi-automatic peanut butter production line

Production Line Structure

Structure of Peanut Butter Production Line
Structure of Peanut Butter Production Line
  1. Roasting Machine
  2. Cooling Belt
  3. Peeling Machine
  4. Picking Line
  5. Grinding Machine
  6. Gear Pump
  7. Storage Tank
  8. Paste Pump
  9. Mixing Tank
  10. Vacuum Tank
  11. Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

Video (3D version)

Small scale peanut butter production line

Automatic peanut butter production line

Machine list: continuous roasting and cooling machine, peanut peeling and split machine, selecting conveyor, lifting machine, grinding machine, storage, mixing and vacuum tanks, bottle unscrambler, automatic filling machine, closing machine, rotary capping machine, and labeling machine.

automatic peanut butter production line
automatic peanut butter production line

Production line structure

structure of automatic peanut butter production line
structure of automatic peanut butter production line
  1. lifting machine
  2. chain roasting and cooling machine
  3. lifting machine
  4. peanut peeling and split machine
  5. selecting conveyor
  6. lifting machine
  7. storage bin
  8. peanut grinding machine
  9. storage slot
  10. mixting tank
  11. vacuum tank
  12. storage tank

Video (3D version)

Processing procedures for making peanut butter


peanuts in processing
peanuts in processing

Step 1 Pour raw peanut kernels into the hopper of the roaster machine for baking for a while until the red skin of peanuts becomes crisp. The roasting machine rolls roasted peanuts out automatically.

Attention: Don’t Over-Bake. In case that the taste of peanut butter is affected.

Step 2 Then peanuts are transported to the cooling belt and tiled for cooling to maintain and keep the original flavor of peanuts.

Step 3 Cooled peanuts are peeled by the peeling machine to remove the red skins. And unqualified or other materials are excluded from the selecting belt.

Step 4 Grinding machine (colloid mill) crushes peanut kernels, and peanut butter is then stored in storage tanks.

Step 5 The butter is sent to the storage tank and goes through the steel pipe to arrive in the mixing tank. Here, butter is added with seasonings to be tastier.

Step 6 Vacuum tank eliminates air. In this way, the shelf life of peanut butter is extended.

Step 7 The final peanut butter is filled in bottles for selling.

Main Machines of Peanut Butter Production Line

Roaster—Peeling Machine—Selecting Belt—Grinding Machine—Storing Tank—Mixing Tank—Vacuum Tank—Filling Machine

peanut butter machines
peanut butter machines

Pretreatment equipment

To get clean peanut kernels, it is often required to use a peanut sheller machine and peanut destoner machine at first.

peanut sheller
peanut sheller

A peanut sheller machine is used to remove the shells of peanuts with high efficiency.

peanut destoner
peanut destoner

A peanut destoner is to clear up the peanut kernels by eliminating the impurities, like stone or dirt.

Roasting: roaster in semi-automatic production line

This peanuts roasting machine is mainly used for baking peanut kernels. It adopts the advanced structure of the drum, which is cutting-edge technology. The heating source can be electricity or gas. A thermostat is installed to adjust the temperature. The temperature can reach 240-260 Celsius degrees in an electricity-heated roaster, 220-240 in a gas-heated model. The roasting time can be set.

peanut roaster machine
peanut roaster machine
large type peanut roaster with front conveyor
A large peanut roaster with a front conveyor in the production line

Working Principle

Put raw materials into the inlet, and the drum rotates continuously. In the process, roasted food moves up and down, left and right, back and forth, and fully stereoscopic baked Thus, the drum roasting machine heats peanuts uniformly. When the time is up, the peanut roaster machine discharges roasted nuts out. This machine is applied in baking peanuts, almonds, sesame, and other nuts.

Technical Parameter

Capacity (kg/h) 50100200300-350500-600
Voltage (V)380380380380380
Transmission power (kw)0.751.
Dimension (mm)2300x1000x13502900x1400x16502900x2100x16503000x2900x1650mm4700x2900x1650
Gas consumption (kg)1-1.5 – –9-1010-13
technical data of peanut roaster machine

Roasting: roaster in automatic production line

A continuous chain roasting machine is widely used to process peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, broad beans, and other granular nuts. The equipment makes the materials heated evenly and efficiently. It can realize continuous feeding and discharge with high efficiency. The baking temperature and time are both controllable. Equipped with a circulating air device, the machine cools the roasted material after roasting. The machine capacity ranges from 100kg/h to 1ton/h. Its heating source can be gas or electricity.

Continuous roasting and cooling machine
Continuous roasting and cooling machine


Machine typeTransmission power(kw)Heating Power(kw)Thickness of raw materials(mm)Output(kg/h)Dimension(mm)
Chain roaster machine technical data

Peeling: Peeler in Small Peanut Butter Production Line

dry peanut peeling machine
dry peanut peeling machine

The Peeler Machine can remove red skins of peanuts of different specifications. Our company has specialized in producing roasting machines made of high-quality materials. There are two types of peeling machines. They are dry-type and wet-type peeling machines. Peeling machines can process soybeans, peanuts, almonds, and others.

peeling machine

Working Principle

Peanut peeling machine consists of the power device (electric motor, belt pulley, belt, and bearing, etc), frame, feeding, inlet, peeling roller, suction fan, etc. This machine is equipped with an exhaust system and a vibrating screen. When the peeler machine works, it rolls and transmits with friction at different speeds. When the moisture of roasted peanuts is less than 5% (in case of burning), it is the best time for peeling. At such a time, the exhaust system in the peeler sucks red skins of peanuts away. The vibrating screen removes the peanut bud. As a result, the peanut kernel is divided into two parts evenly.

Technical Parameter

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Power(kw)Voltage(v)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)Peeling rate
Parameter of dry peanut peeler

Peeling: peanut peeling machine in large production line

This type of peanut peeling and split machine has the features of high output (500-1000kg/h), high peeling rate (98%), and excellence in removing peanut germs (90%). The three rollers in the peeling machine can efficiently peel the red peanut skins, and the sieves split the two halves of peanut kernels through vibration.

peanut peeling and split machine
peanut peeling and split machine


Motor power1.5KW2.2KW
Peeling rate>98%>98%
3-roller peanut peeling and half cutting machine

Grinding: Peanut Butter Grinding Machine

peanut grinding machine
the peanut grinding machine

The peanut grinding machine is widely applied in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It can crush, emulsify, and comminute raw materials. Therefore, the peanut butter grinding machine is suitable for the fine grinding of fluid and semi-fluid materials. The peanut grinder machine can be used to produce a wide range of foods and beverages, such as ice cream, fruit juice, sesame butter, jam, milk, etc. In the peanut butter production line, the combined peanut grinder machine with higher capacity and fineness is often used. Our peanut milling machines have been exported to many countries around the world, such as the Philippines, India, Kenya, and South Africa.


Working Principle

The peanut butter grinder machine involves shearing, grinding, and mixing at a pretty high speed. When the electric motor begins, it drives the whole grinder. There are two grinding discs inside the machine. One rotates at high speed while the other at rest. When stator and rotor move relatively at high speed, peanuts flow into space between them and are crushed. Due to high-frequency vibration and high-speed vortex and other complex forces, materials can be effectively ground, emulsified, pulverized, dispersed, and homogenized.

Technical Parameter

Technical data of peanut grinder machine

Storing, mixing and degassing tanks

peanut storage, mixing and vacuum tanks
peanut storage, mixing, and vacuum tanks

A peanut mixing tank is a piece of equipment used for blending, heating, emulsifying, and mixing raw materials. The making material is stainless steel. The mixing tank is composed of a mixing tank body, mixing tank cover, agitator, support, transmission device, shaft seal device, etc. A vacuum tank can remove the air to extend the shelf life of peanut butter.

Packaging: Semi-automatic Butter Filling Machine

peanut butter filling machine
peanut butter filling machine

The semi-automatic peanut butter filling machine is for filling and packing butter. But its use has extended to many products as well. Paste filling machines are also suitable for filling paste, jellies, and jams, especially highly viscous paste. The driver of this filling machine is compressed air. The peanut butter filler is made of 304 stainless steel. Packaging container varies from bags, bottles, cans, pouch and stand-up pouch.  

Working Principle

This filler employs a volumetric method to measure and adjust the paste quantity at a time. Therefore, it’s also a piston filling machine. This machine is with a self-priming cylinder where a piston exists and runs. The piston is playing within the cylinder at a moderate speed. The diameter of the piston and the way it runs from head to foot determines filling material quantity and volume. So that volume remains constant and stable every time. The piston moves back and forth to fill paste into various containers.

Packaging: Automatic Peanut Butter Packing Machine

In a fully automatic peanut butter packing line, there are bottle unscrambler, automatic filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine. The machine series is quite labor-saving and time-saving.


Advantages of Peanut Butter Production Line

  • High productivity and high efficiency. The output capacity reaches 50kg to 2 tons per hour.
  • Customized service available. We offer customization services for specific needs.
  • Wide application. For each machine involved, there are wide uses not only for processing peanuts.
  • High-quality product. The fineness of the peanut butter is high, reaching 125-150 meshes. The product is hygienic and safe, meeting food safety standard.
peanut butter
peanut butter

Video of Peanut Butter Manufacturing Line in Factory

Semi-automatic peanut butter production line video

If you need more information about our peanut butter processing line, please contact us directly.

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The fully automatic peanut butter manufacturing line is an ideal solution for the continuous production of large quantities of peanut butter. The capacity of the peanut butter manufacturing equipment reaches 500kg-1000kg/h. Thus, the peanut butter processing line is suitable for medium or large peanut butter processing factories.

Small Semi-automatic Peanut Butter Production line 2021

The small-scale peanut butter production line includes a peanut roasting machine, a peanut peeling machine, a peanut butter grinding machine, and a semi-automatic peanut butter filling machine. The peanut butter processing line is mainly used by small-scale nut processing plants.

Small scale peanut butter making machine (100-300kg/h)

For small scale peanut butter plants, it is suitable to apply a small peanut butter machine and other supportive equipment. The small scale peanut butter production line mainly includes peanut roaster,, peanut peeler, peanut grinder. Taizy stainless steel peanut butter machinery has various outputs, applicable to small, medium, or large peanut butter processing plants or factories. The final peanut butter has high fineness, reaching 120-150 meshes. Our small scale peanut butter machinery has been one of our hot sellers.

Fully automatic peanut butter filling and packing machine

The automatic butter packing line includes a bottle unscrambler, filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine. The automatic filling and packaging line is applicable to daily chemicals, oil, and other industries. The specific filling materials include sesame paste/tahini, tomato sauce, jelly, jam, chili sauce, and edible oil, etc.

Electric heating peanut butter mixing tank

The mixing tank is a piece of equipment used for blending, heating, emulsifying, and mixing raw materials in the industry. The making material is stainless steel. In the process of stirring and mixing, the control of feeding and output quantity can be realized. The electric mixing tank is often used in peanut butter production line.


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