Peanut fryer machine | groundnut frying machine (50-1500kg)

An automatic peanut fryer machine is suitable for frying groundnuts in batches. It is also applicable to other nuts, beans, pasta, meat, chicken, fish, chips, vegetables, etc. The frying process is automatic, safe, clean, oil-saving, and fuel-saving. There are mainly three types of peanut fryer machines with various outputs.

Sesame paste tahini machine | sesame grinder for sale

Tahini making machine is a special machine for the fine processing of sesame seeds and other materials. It has superior functions of ultra-fine grinding, dispersion, emulsification, homogenization and mixing. The tahini grinder machine is suitable for the ultra-fine crushing of a wide range of materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

Multifunctional peanut roasting machine in Nigeria

Recently, we sold a peanut roasting machine to a Nigerian customer. He planned to expand his nut roasting business. We recommended our TZ-100 roasting machine with the output of 100 kg per hour to him and it satisfied his need.

Sesame seed roasting machine (electric or gas heating)

Sesame roaster machine, also known as peanut roaster machine is mainly used to bake sesame, peanut, peanut kernels, sunflower seeds, chestnut, walnut, almond, coffee bean and other granular nuts. The machine takes electricity or gas as the heat source, and uses the principle of heat conduction and radiation.

Cacao roasting machine | drum type coffee cocoa bean roaster

Cacao roasting machine, also known as nut roaster machine, is designed to roast cocoa beans, or coffee beans.
The cacao roaster machine adopts the technology of rotary drum, which can ensure uniform heating. This automatic roaster machine has the features of automatic temperature control, high roasting efficiency, easy operation and diverse heating methods.

Peanut butter grinding machine price in Zimbabwe

As a professional peanut butter machinery manufacturer, we have sold peanut butter grinding machines to many countries. One of our transaction cases is one set of peanut butter grinding machine delivered to a customer in Zimbabwe.

Cocoa bean nibs grinder machine | chocolate liquor machine

Our cocoa grinder machine is designed to process cocoa beans into cocoa paste (chocolate liquor). The cocoa bean grinding machine, also known as peanut butter grinding machine, has multiple applications. Apart from cocoa nuts, the machine can be used to grind other nut kernels, vegetables and fruits.

Chili paste grinder machine | pepper sauce grinding machine

Chili paste grinder machines, also known as peanut butter grinder machine, can grind various raw materials, such as red chili pepper, green chili pepper, green pepper, etc. The final chili paste has the features of bright color, fine texture, and good taste.


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