Commercial peanut butter machine | combined peanut grinder

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A commercial peanut butter machine is a professional processing machine for ultrafine peanut butter. The fineness of peanut particles can reach as high as 125-150 meshes. The combined peanut grinder is featured with high fineness and outputs, often used in the peanut butter production line. Our commercial peanut butter grinder is also suitable for grinding other nuts and seeds, like almond, cashew nut, sesame, cocoa beans, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Highlights of commercial peanut butter machine

  1. Advanced technology. The commercial peanut butter maker integrates the functions of homogenizer, ball mill, mixer and other machinery, realizing superfine grinding, emulsification, homogenization, mixing and other effects.
  2. Ultra-fine and smooth butter. The commercial peanut butter machine grinds the raw materials in two rounds. Compared with one-round grinding, the peanut butter becomes finer and smoother. The fineness of peanut butter reaches up to 150 meshes or even higher.
  3. High automation and output. In one hour, the commercial peanut butter making machine produces 200-6000kg peanut butter. The high-capacity equipment is often applied in peanut butter production lines or other lines.
  4. Safe and hygienic. The machine material contacting the food is 304 stainless steel, so it meets food safety standards.

Working procedures of commercial peanut butter maker

The commercial peanut butter machine mainly contains a hopper, two grinding chambers, a motor, and transmission parts. In the grinding parts, there is a fixed disc and a rotating disc that moves at a high speed in operation. The materials between them can be well ground by vibration, friction, and other forces. During operation, the temperature of raw material rises at 80-85 degrees. To reduce the temperature of the machine, it is advisable to install a cooling pipe. The space between the stator and rotor is adjustable to produce a paste of expected finenesses.

Commercial peanut butter maker
Commercial Peanut Butter Maker

How to clean the combined peanut grinder machine?

The peanut butter colloid mill needs to be cleaned after use, or it might shorten the service life of the machine and affect food safety. It needs to clean the commercial peanut butter machine while it is working. In this way, it can get a high cleaning effect. For different raw materials, the clean agents may vary. For instance, after grinding peanuts, we should clean the machine with cooking oil. As for chili paste, we suggesting using water for cleaning.

Commercial peanut grinder
Commercial Peanut Grinder

Another type of peanut butter grinder machine

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