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Main Products:Peanut butter production equipment, fried peanut production equipment, peanut planting machines, harvesters, etc.

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Main Markets:Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia

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Peanut peeling machine has a place in the market

With the development of science and technology, nowadays, for the processing of peanuts, it is no longer the traditional manual peeling. It is the use of peanut peeling , which greatly improves the work efficiency. So what do we need to meet when using a peanut stone machine? 1 winter shelling, use peanut stone machine […]

Peanut sheller requirements during use

Our company is one of the enterprises specializing in peanut shelling machine. Here are some requirements for the peanut peeling machine in use? 1. Requirements for the sheller. 1) The shelling is clean and the productivity is high. For the shelling machine with the cleaning device, high cleanliness is also required. 2) The loss rate […]

Peanut machinery manufacturers analyze the use of peanut baking machine to ensure the quality of baking

Peanut baking machine is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving electric furnace. It has the characteristics of mixing salt and roasting, and automatic separation of discharge. The baked product tastes pure. The utility model has the advantages of energy saving safety, convenient sanitation, quick heating, stable performance, low energy consumption, low operating cost, long service […]