Automatic cocoa powder production line (from A to Z)

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Cocoa powder is a kind of cocoa product from cocoa beans through a series of processing steps, including roasting, peeling, paste grinding, oil pressing, and powder grinding. Our automatic cocoa powder production line includes the cocoa bean roasting machine, cocoa bean peeling machine, cocoa grinding machine, hydraulic oil press, and cocoa powder grinder. Cocoa powder has a strong aroma and can be used in chocolate, beverages, ice cream, candy, pastries, and other foods. The cocoa powder processing machine can be used in a chocolate factory, baking factory, beverage processing factory, cocoa processing factory, ice cream production plant, etc.

Cocoa powder manufacturing process

In the cocoa powder production line, the main manufacturing process of cocoa powder and corresponding products are as follows:

Cocoa bean roasting (roasted cocoa beans), cocoa bean peeling (cocoa nibs), cocoa paste grinding (cocoa paste/ cacao liquor), oil pressing (cocoa butter and cocoa oil cake), and powder grinding (cocoa powder), packed cocoa powder

Cocoa powder manufacturing process 1
Cocoa Powder Manufacturing Process 1

Specifically, after the cocoa beans are roasted and peeled, they are ground to obtain the cocoa paste. The cocoa paste is then pressed to remove the cocoa butter and obtain the cocoa cake. The brownish-red powder received by grinding the cocoa cake and screening is cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder production line 2
Cocoa Powder Production Line 2

Main machines of cocoa powder production line

Cacao bean roaster

The continuous cocoa bean roaster machine can realize continuous roasting and cooling. The output can reach 200-1000kg per hour. It has automatic temperature control and can reach ideal roasting and cooling effect.

Cocoa bean roaster
Cocoa Bean Roaster

Cocoa bean peeling machine

The peeling roller in the cocoa bean peeling machine rolls to peel the cocoa beans. The ventilator sucks the peeled skin out of the machine. The peeled cocoa bean kernel is discharged automatically.

Cocoa bean peeling machine
Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

Cocoa nibs grinding machine

The cocoa bean grinding machine can grind the nibs into a fine cocoa paste through the two grinding discs inside the machine. The cocoa paste or cocoa liquor has super fineness.

Cocoa nibs grinding machine
Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine

Hydraulic oil press

The hydraulic oil press can extract cocoa butter from the cocoa liquor through the pressure of hydraulic oil. The oil residue is the cocoa butter cake, which can be further processed to get cocoa powder.

Hydraulic oil press

Cocoa cake crusher machine

The cocoa cake crusher machine can crush cocoa butter cake into smaller parts, and then get small-sized materials from screening. The machine is also suitable for crushing animal bones. The processed particles can be used for further grinding.

Cocoa cake crusher machine
Cocoa Cake Crusher Machine

Cocoa powder grinding machine

The cocoa powder grinding machine is made of stainless steel. The cocoa nibs in the machine are cut of the cutters. After grinding, the particles become smaller step by step. The particle size can be adjusted by changing the mesh screens.

Cocoa powder grinding machine
Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine

Cocoa powder packaging machine

The final step is the packaging. The cocoa powder packaging machine is suitable for packing cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder packaging machine
Cocoa Powder Packaging Machine

The cocoa powder processing machine highlights

  • High automation. The automatic cocoa powder production line can realize continous production, which is highly efficient and labor-saving.
  • High output. The capacity has a wide range for different needs. We also provide customized service for special needs.
  • The cocoa powder is fine and uniform. The fine cocoa powder can meet the needs for making various food and beverages.


Part of the parameter of machines in the cocoa powder production line

TZ-600 Cocoa bean roasting machine

Roasting yield600kg/h
Variable speed motor voltage 1.1KW
Electric heating power100KW (gas:15kg/h)

TZ-500 Cocoa bean peeling machine

Motor power0.75KW
Peeling rate>99%
Overall dimension140*70*140cm

TZ-50 Cocoa nibs grinding machine

Fineness (mesh)120-150
Motor power (kw)1.5
Capacity (kg/h) 200-800
Dimension (mm)500*230*700

TZ-320 Hydraulic oil press machine

Yield (kg/h)90kg/h 
Feeding Diameter (mm)320
Pressure (MPa)70-100 
Dimension (mm)800*1100*1550

TZ-500 Cocoa cake crusher machine

Capacity (kg/h)200-600
Crushing diameter (mm)500×250
Power (kw)11
Size (mm)1450*x1000x1500

TZ-350 Cocoa powder grinding machine

Yield (kg/h)350
Voltage (V)380
Power (kw)
Size (mm)1000*1000*1600

Typical export case

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