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The peanut chopper machine is designed to shred various beans (soybeans, mung beans, black beans, broad beans, etc.) and nuts (such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnut kernels) into different granular sizes in the food processing industry. The main types of peanut chopper machines with straight blades and roller cutters, and grading screens can meet the high demands of customers to produce high-output well-graded beans and nuts particles ranging from coarse grains to powder. Stainless steel structures and other durable parts of the peanut chopper equipment can help stably yield hygienic fined products. The finished products can be further processed to be nut foods, peanut chikki, cookies, ice cream, and other snacks. People generally know about chopped peanut nutrition and enjoy eating peanut food. As for food making, it is easy to find chopped peanut recipes of delicious foods.


Components of Peanut Chopper Machinery

The main parts of the peanuts cutting machine comprise hopper, cutters, frame, screen, and cover, all of which are made of stainless steel and can also be customized to be 304 food-grade stainless steel.

Machine with Straight Cutter for Large Nut Particles

This kind of nut kernel chopping machine is especially suitable for processing raw, peeled or roasted walnut, cashew, Macadamia nut kernel and so on. It consists of 12 blades, 1.5 mm of each in thickness. Due to the fixed speed of the cutters, different specifications of materials can be cut through the adjustment of the blade clearance. Meanwhile, changing the rotation speed of the PVC conveyor belt can increase or reduce the shearing times. Then, various screens can grade the material to reach the required sizes.

Peanut cutter machine 1
Peanut Cutter Machine 1

Machine with Roller Cutter for Small Nut Particles

This type of peanut cutter machine contains two rolling cutters, the clearance of which is adjustable to produce small peanut granules or powder. The scraper is to avoid adhesion and greasiness on the cutters. The larger the particle, the higher the output.


Advantages of Automatic Peanut Chopper Machine for Sale

  1. High efficiency and output reaching 200-600 kg/h
  2. Uniform and adjustable nut granule sizes, with customized service available
  3. Reasonable structure design, occupying less space, and exquisite appearance
  4. Easy to operate, labor-saving.
  5. Durability of main spare parts, including wear parts. Conveyor belt can be in service for at least one to two years.
  6. Food-grade 304 stainless steel is the material of the machinery parts contacting the product to ensure the hygiene of the final products.
  7. Competitive price and high-quality services.
  8. Wide application. The machine can cut lots of nuts and beans into small pieces. Its other names include almond particle dicing machine, walnut chopping dicing machine, and macadamia nuts cutting machine.

Working Principle of Peanut Chopper Machine for Sale

After the raw materials enter the hopper of the peanuts shredder, the conveyor belt will send the materials to the chopping mechanism. Then, they will be vibrated and graded aligning with the required specifications of particles. By changing the speed of the conveyor or adjusting the clearance of the roller cutters, the required granules can be achieved. The grading part contains screens of various specifications for certain purposes.


Parameters of Peanut Crushing Machines

Roller CutterType 1: Single cutter with grading380V50HZ0.93KW300kg300kg/h1.6*0.8*1.4m
Roller CutterType 2: Double cutter with grading380V50HZ4.9KW600kg600kg/h1.8*0.8*2m
Straight Cutter/380V50HZ2.25KW400kg200-500kg/h2.7*1*1.35m
Parameters of Peanut Chopper Machine

Operation of Nut Shredder Machine

It is important to make proper use and regular maintenance of the peanut chopper machine according to the instructions.

  • Check the fixing of the transmission parts and whether there is abnormal noise or damage of the electrical parts before starting the machine.
  • Remove impurities from raw material to prevent damage to the cutter. Adjust the size of the hopper outlet and the speed of conveyor to make sure that the feeding and cutting are synchronized.
  • Adjust the clearance between the upper and lower cutters to produce particles in different sizes
  • The adjusting handle at the back of the cutters can be operated to change the gap. There is a positioning fulcrum inside the upper and lower blades, and the minimum clearance can avoid the damage of the blades.
  • Remove the obstruction in the screen hole, and also clean up the residual oil on the equipment in time for sanitation.
  • Regularly check the oil volume of the transmission parts, bolts, electrical appliances, lines to ensure normal use.
Peanut-Chopping-Machine And Finished Products

Peanut Cutter Machine Packaging and Transport

Transport safety is one of the concerns of customers in the purchase of mechanical equipment. To be exported overseas, the peanut cutter machine will endure long-distance transportation, complex logistics process and weather conditions. Reasonable packaging and transport conditions are closely linked to the normal operation of the equipment.

With rich industrial experience, Taizy Machinery has served customers from large numbers of countries, including the U.S, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and so on. We offer trustworthy packing and delivering services for product safety, receiving good feedback from customers. Generally, we will provide a standard export wooden case. The wooden trunk is the right size and the packing material can avoid the moving of the machine. If necessary, we will consider cooperating with a professional packing company alternatively. It depends on the quantity of the products, the product packaging weight subject to the actual package. As for shipping time, we arrange transportation according to the customer’s order and payment. In general, we will arrange shipment within the regular time after receiving payment. But for the customized machine with complex structure, it may need more time for delivery.

How to Pay For The Peanut Crusher Machine?

At first, our sales will get in touch with you, offering detailed information about the equipment. When you confirm the suitable type of machine which you decide to buy, we will send you a commercial invoice and a payment link. After receiving your order and payment, we will prepare the product for you and then transport it to the targeted port.

Working Video of Peanut Shredder Machine

Hazelnut chopper machine

Cashew nut chopper

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