How to Chop Walnuts into Different Particle Sizes?

walnut chopping dicing machine
walnut chopping dicing machine
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Walnut is known as one of the world-famous “four major dry fruits”. The other three nuts are almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts. It has high nutritional value and health benefits. Specifically, the walnut kernels contain rich nutrients, like protein, fat, carbohydrates, trace elements, minerals and vitamins.  Meanwhile, walnuts can improve our eyesight and brain, and enhance memory. Good for the human body, walnuts are popular with a large number of people. People like to eat raw walnut kernels or process it into walnut particles for different kinds of food. Small pieces of walnuts can add unique flavor to walnut pasta, cookies, shortbread fillings of glutinous rice balls, etc. But, how to efficiently process walnuts into different particle sizes? Our walnut chopping dicing machine, also called peanut chopper machine can meet your demand.

Walnut kernel
Walnut Kernel

What are the major parts of walnut chopping dicing machine?

Many businesses in the food processing industry require the chopping machine to process large numbers of nuts quickly. Because of this, we offer an effective solution. Our walnut chopper dicer is suitable for cutting walnuts kernels into small pieces. The walnut cutting machine mainly contains a hopper, feeding positioner, frame, motor, rotor with cutters. The machine with straight cutters can evenly chop the walnuts into different particle sizes with high output. Combined with the cutters, vibrating grading screens effectively classify the particles. Besides, made of stainless steel, the equipment can ensure the hygiene of products.

Walnut chopping dicing machine
Walnut Chopping Dicing Machine

How does the machine operate?

For producing walnut particles, it is advisable to use walnut chopping dicing machine with straight blades. First, put the walnuts in the hopper of the equipment. Then, the conveyor sends the materials for chopping. There are 5 speeds for adjusting the conveyor. At a fast or low speed, the walnuts can be cut into different granule sizes. After that, the walnuts get to the vibrating sieves. The nut particles required size of are sorted through vibration and move to the outlets.

Our high-output walnut chopping dicing machine will be an efficient helper for your business. It can be used to cut various kinds of nut kernels, like almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, cashew, macadamia nuts, and beans. Welcome to contact us for more details.


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