How to evenly chop large batches of macadamia nuts?

Macadamia nuts cutting machine
Macadamia nuts cutting machine
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Macadamia nut, also called Hawaiian nut, is a well-known nut in the world with unique taste and rich nutrition. It has a creamy flavor, smooth crunch and multiple health benefits. This nut is high in monounsaturated fat, rich in essential nutrients, etc. Regular intake of macadamia is helpful for health, including lowering cholesterol and others. It is no wonder that macadamia nut has the reputation of “Queen of Dried Fruits” and “King of Nuts in the World”.

Apart from whole macadamia nut, crushed macadamia nuts are also popular with people in their diet. The small particles of macadamia nuts can be added to many dishes or snacks. For food processing businesses, there is a need to evenly chop large batches of macadamia nuts. What is the most efficient way for them? The following macadamia nuts cutting machine is our solution.

Macadamia nut
Macadamia Nut

Introduction of macadamia nuts cutting machine

Our company provides a type of chopped macadamia nut making equipment with straight blades. The main parts of the machine are a hopper, feeding positioner, frame, motor, rotor with cutters. In the machine, there are 12 straight cutters, 1.5 millimeters in thickness with a fixed clearance. They can cut macadamia nuts simultaneously. The processed nuts are then sent out through the PVC conveyor. For smaller particles, it needs to increase the speed of the conveyor and vice versa. To meet customers’ needs for different grades of nut particles, we put sieves in the machine to sort the particles through vibration. In the end, the final products move to different outlets. Their appearances are even and beautiful. Generally, the output of the machine can reach 200-500 kilograms per hour. We also have customized services.

Macadamia nuts cutting machine
Macadamia Nuts Cutting Machine

Our commercial macadamia nuts cutting machine has multiple use in the food industry. Its another name is peanut chopper machine. The machine can chop walnuts into particles, as well as other nuts, involving almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, cashew, etc.

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