New-design chestnut roaster machine guarantees perfect roasting quality!

chestnut roaster machine
chestnut roaster machine
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A chestnut roaster machine is a widely used roasting equipment, suitable for chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, coffee beans, pine nuts, hazelnuts, and other dozens of dried fruits. The chestnut roasting machine (also known as a peanut roaster machine) has the advantages of environmental friendliness, energy-saving, hygiene, convenience, high efficiency, and high yield. It is the most ideal and advanced roasting equipment to realize perfect roasting quality at present. It only takes about 20 minutes to roast chestnuts of 50-1000kg/h with less power consumption. The chestnut cooker machine adopts the principle of a rotating drum, heat conduction, and heat radiation, which is uniformly heated and efficient. The electric/gas chestnut roaster is compact and easy to operate, suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, roasted chestnut shops, dried fruit shops, dry fruit supermarkets, snack food markets, snack stalls in stations, or other places with dense floating populations.

Application scope

Applicable to various seeds, beans, nuts, condiments, and spice processing, such as coffee beans, chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, sesame, and chickpeas, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, and other dried fruit foods.

Application of chestnut cooker machine
Application Of Chestnut Cooker Machine

Why choose the new-design chestnut roaster machine?

The newly developed chestnut roasting equipment adopts advanced technology to ensure high roasting qualities. The following are the highlights.

1. Various heating sources and environmental friendliness.

The traditional chestnut roasting machine uses coal or firewood as the heating material, which not only has poor sanitary conditions but also has serious environmental pollution. The multi-functional chestnut roasting machine integrates the advantages of various roasting machines and can use electricity, liquefied gas, or natural gas as a heating source to work and do not pollute the environment.

2. High thermal efficiency and even heating.

The drum is heated evenly, automatically rotates, automatically stirs, and has a heat preservation function. The chestnut roaster machine uses a composite pot body, and there is insulation cotton in the frame body to protect the heat, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%. The heating time is shorter than that of traditional ovens, and it saves more than 45% of electricity than traditional frying equipment.

3. Automatically adjusted temperature

The temperature control is accurate and reliable, and the automation program is high. Compared with manual frying, the temperature control is precise and the baking quality is good.

4. High heat preservation and high yield.

The water evaporates less when the chestnut is roasted in a closed drum. Because the relative temperature in the drum is sealed, the temperature is high, the humidity is higher, the roasting time is short, the cooking is fast, the cooking is thorough, and even, which can improve the yield of roasted chestnuts by 1.2-2 percentage points and increase the profit.

5. Heat radiation method and no over-roasting.

The chestnut cooking machine adopts electric heating or gas-fired heating methods to radiate heat energy to the object to be baked, and the baking is even and there is no over-roasting.

Working principle of chestnut roaster machine

The chestnut roasting machine adopts an advanced drum horizontal structure, the drum is heated evenly, and has a heat preservation function. The drum rotates continuously during work so that the roasted seeds and seeds can be fried up and down, left and right, front and rear, and all-around three-dimensional stir-fry, without sticking to the pan. The food produced has a bright golden-red color and a fragrant aroma.

Using the principle of rotating drum, heat conduction, and heat radiation, during the baking process, the material is continuously pushed by the guide plate in the drum to form uninterrupted rolling, so that the material is heated evenly, and the material is not in direct contact with the fireworks during baking, which ensures the baking process. Roast quality. This machine can be used in one group or in multiple groups.

It is very convenient to put the roasted seeds and nuts in and out of the drum of the chestnut roaster machine, just press the forward and reverse switch, the motor not only drives the drum to reverse, but the roasted seeds will also automatically come out of the pot, saving trouble and effort, clean and hygienic.

What are chestnut roasting temperature and roasting time?

The time for roasting chestnuts is determined by the size of the chestnuts and the temperature, and type of the chestnut roasting machine. Generally speaking, preheat the machine in advance, and then roast it at a temperature of 180-200 Celsius degrees for about 20 minutes.

The time is shorter for small chestnuts and longer for large chestnuts. The baking temperature can also be detected by a temperature sensor during the heating process. Besides, if you choose a higher temperature, reduce the baking time, if you choose a lower temperature, increase the baking time.

There are a series of models and types for options to meet the demand of customers in need of small, medium, and large outputs. If you have an interest in the electric/gas chestnut roasting equipment, please contact us directly.