Peanut roaster brings our Zimbabwean customer sound profit

peanut roasting machine in Zimbabwe 1
peanut roasting machine in Zimbabwe 1
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The peanut roasting machine is an industrial nut roaster, suitable for granular foods such as peanut kernels, almonds, peanuts, sesame, melon seeds, and chestnuts. The baked food has a good taste and a beautiful appearance with no dark color on the surface. Syem, a Zimbabwean customer has purchased a groundnut roaster from our company and gave high recognition to our machine. With the help of this peanut roasting machine in Zimbabwe, his local nut roasting business brought him considerable income.

Peanut roaster in package
Peanut Roaster In Package

Why did the customer from Zimbabwe want to buy a peanut roasting machine?

As far as peanut roasting is concerned, the traditional method is to manually stir fry in the pot, which cannot precisely control the heating temperature. The peanuts are not evenly heated in poor color. And this method is time-consuming and laborious, with small output and low efficiency. Besides, traditional baking equipment also has many disadvantages.

Our advanced infrared baking equipment offers a professional solution. The new type of peanut roasting machine in Zimbabwe can perfectly match the actual needs of our customers with the following advantages.

Groundnut roasting machine-1
Groundnut Roasting Machine-1
  • The baked product is heated inside and outside at the same time, the temperature difference between inside and outside is small, and it does not change color;
  • The baking speed is fast, and it can be heated locally, with less energy waste and power saving;
  • The temperature can be controlled in sections, with high elasticity; using a constant temperature control system, the product quality is good;
  • Easy to use. High degree of automation and high output;
  • The heating time can be set and it can automatically send out a sound reminder.
  • Energy-efficient. Support electric or gas heating.
  • Equipped with a conveyor, the groundnut roasting machine can be used in various production lines, such as peanut butter production line.

The peanut roasting business has broad prospects and markets

There are a wide variety of peanut snacks in the world and they are favored by a large number of people. Many peanut snacks need to be roasted first, such as roasted peanut unsalted, peanut butter, honey roasted peanuts, roasted salted peanuts, roasted peeled peanuts, spicy roasted peanuts, etc. The raw groundnuts are easy to get in the local place, our customer Syem can increase the peanut value by the preliminary processing step and selling them to local food distributors, nut processing factories, restaurants, food shops, etc. With stable raw material supply, moderate processing cost, and multiple selling channels locally, he has gotten returns quickly. The peanut roasting machine in Zimbabwe is just one of the successful cases.

How did the customer buy the peanut roaster from us?

Our customer found our product on our website through searching the Internet. He got an overview of our product through browsing the post content and watching the video in working mode. As he was attracted by the groundnut roaster, he wanted to know more details and the quotation. Then he left a message on our website. We contacted him soon and send the information he needed.

In the following time, our sales had further communication with the Zimbabwean customer to resolve his inquires and doubts. For example, we introduced our company’s professional certificates, past sales cases, and send feedbacks and working videos of our previous customers. As for the capacity, we recommended the TZ-100, a suitable model to meet his need of small output of 100kg per hour. As for the machine material, the machine is made of stainless steel and we can customize the machine for different needs. Regarding the wearable parts of the electrical type, they are the heating pipes. There are 15 heating pipes in the TZ-1000 and they are of high quality. If one or two of the heating pipes are damaged, it will not affect the use of the machine. The general warranty time is 1 year.  After thorough negotiation, our client signed the contract with us and paid it by T/T.

How does a peanut roasting machine in Zimbabwe work?

The electric groundnut roasting machine consists of a transmission device, electric heating pipes, an electric control box, and an exhaust port. The peanut roaster has a compact structure and is easy to operate. The rotating body is rotated through the chain drive for baking. The peanut roaster adopts the infrared heating method and uses the electric heating tubes to radiate the heat energy to the groundnuts. The electric groundnut roaster uses a temperature controller to automatically control the working temperature of the oven so that the working temperature is controlled within the set temperature range.

What services do we provide?

As a leading peanut roasting machine manufacturer, we have industrial experience of over 10 years. Our company has sold the peanut roasting machine in zimbabwe and many other countries. Our customers come from a great number of countries in Asia, Africa, America, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. We supply quality products and all-around services.

  • Design service

According to customer needs, we provide customers with professional advice, such as design plant drawings, benefits analysis, design process flow, etc. For special needs about the machine, we can customize machines and provide personalized services.

  • Installation training

Our technicians provide professional technical guidance to customers and offer training for users. Provide customer food recipes if needed and guide customers to produce the finished products.

  • After-sale warranty

We test the machine before shipping and send the video to the customer. Also, a full range of after-sales service during the use of the machine is provided. We offer a one-year warranty and accept technical consultation at any time for technical diagnosis and troubleshooting.