Sesame seed roasting machine (electric or gas heating)

sesame seed roasting machine
sesame seed roasting machine
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Sesame is one of the main oil crops, with 55% oil content. Roasted or toasted sesame seed is crispy and tasty, and can be processed into sesame seed paste (or tahini sauce) or sesame oil. Sesame can be used as filling for cakes or auxiliary materials for snacks. Popular sesame products involve sesame powder, sesame cake, sesame ball and sesame paste. To meet the demand for large quantities of roasted sesame seed, we provide the highly-efficient sesame seed roasting machine for sale.

Sesame roaster machine, also known as peanut roaster machine, is mainly used to bake sesame, peanut, peanut kernels, sunflower seeds, chestnut, walnut, almond, coffee bean and other granular nuts. The machine takes electricity or gas as the heat source, and uses the principle of heat conduction and radiation. In the baking process, the materials are continuously pushed by the spiral plate in the drum to form uninterrupted rolling. In this way, the sesame roaster heats them evenly and effectively to ensure good roasting quality, color and taste.


How does the sesame seed roasting machine work?

Sesame seed roaster mainly includes upper hopper, outlet hopper, frame body, thermal insulation cotton, inner drum, reduction motor, chain and transmission assembly. The raw material rolls continuously and heats evenly with the moving drum. The roasting temperature and time can be set to achieve the finest roasting results. Open the discharge valve after roasting, and the final products can come out from the outlet automatically.

Sesame roasting machine
Sesame Roasting Machine

Advantages of sesame seed roaster machine

1. Even heating and energy-saving

The rotary drum of the sesame roaster can uniformly heat materials and retain heat, resulting in great thermal efficiency.

2. Clean and sanitary. 

The machine material is food-grade 304 stainless steel and complies with food safety regulations.

3. Simple operation and labor-saving. 

The sesame roasting machine’s components are dependable and long-lasting.

4. Customization service available.

Our sesame seed roasting machine has multiple outputs. The capacity of the small type is 50kg/h. We also offer other capacities up to 700kg/h. For specific needs in outputs and machine materials, we can offer customized services.

Sesame seed roasting machine
Sesame Seed Roasting Machine

Technical data of small type sesame seed roasting machine

Voltage/Frequency380V 50HZ
Capacity50 kg/batch
Motor Power1.1 kw
Electric heating power18 kw
Gas consumption for gas heating 3-6 cubic meter
Sesame seed roaster
Sesame Seed Roaster

Roasted sesame seeds benefits

Sesame seed is small with a layer of skin outside. The raw sesame seed does not taste good and it is easy to cause digestion problem or affect absorption. In comparison, roasted sesame tastes good with an attractive smell. Thus, people prefer to eat toasted or roasted sesame seeds.

Eating sesame has the following health effects. Sesame contains a lot of unsaturated fat and high-quality protein, as well as dietary fiber, sugar, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, Vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients. Linoleic acid in sesame can regulate cholesterol. Vitamin E can prevent the harm of lipid peroxide to the skin.

Toasted vs roasted sesame seeds

Toasted and roasted sesame seeds have a subtle difference in flavor. To toast sesame seeds, it is common to use a saute pan, stove, and oven. The toasted or roasted seed has brown color, crispy texture, and nutty flavor. Our sesame seed roasting machine has wide application, high efficiency, good quality, and it is very popular among our customers.

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