Multifunctional peanut roasting machine in Nigeria

peanut roasters
peanut roasters
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A peanut roasting machine is designed to roast peanuts, as well as other nuts or seeds. Different versions of our peanut roasting machines are available to fulfill the demands of clients. We have delivered peanut roaster machines to a large number of nations. A recent case is a sold peanut roasting machine in Nigeria.

Peanut roasting machine
Peanut Roasting Machine

Order introduction of peanut roasting machine in Nigeria 

Recently, we sold one peanut roasting machine in Nigeria. The Nigerian customer planned to expand his sesame seed roasting business and prefer gas heating. We recommended our TZ-100 roasting machine with an output of 100 kg per hour to him. He conducted detailed communication with us about the machine specifications. Then, he knew for sure that it matched his need. Then, we made a deal and delivered the machine to the targeted port. After receiving the roaster, he gave us good feedback and spoke highly of our product. The detail of peanut roasting machine in Nigeria is as follows.

Transmission power1.1kw
Heating typegas
Machine Model

Outstanding advantages of peanut roasting machine

  • Multiple application

Apart from peanuts, the peanut roaster is suitable for other nuts, such as chestnut, walnut, almond, as well as seeds and beans.

  • Optional heating sources

The industrial-use peanut roasting machine can be heated by electricity or gas.

  • Advanced rotary drum structure

The groundnut roasting machine adopts an advanced drum structure, which can realize uniform heating and high heating efficiency.

  • Hygiene and easy to clean

The peanut roasting machine in Nigeria meets the food safety standard. The parts in contact with food are food-grade stainless steel. It is hygienic and easy to clean.

Peanuts roasting machine
Peanuts Roasting Machine

Where to buy peanut roasting machine

Taizy Machinery is a global supplier of food machinery for over ten years. It is located in China. Taizy specializes in manufacturing, selling, and exporting food processing equipment. The peanut roaster machine is one of our best sellers. The peanut roasting machine in Nigeria is one of our extensive export cases. Our machines have been delivered to many other countries, including the United States, India, the Philippines, UEA, Nigeria, South Africa, etc. For customers’ specific needs, we can supply customization services.

If you are interested in our machine, feel free to directly get in touch with us.