Cacao roasting machine | drum type coffee cocoa bean roaster

cacao roasting machine
cacao roasting machine
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Cacao roasting machine, also known as nut roaster machine, is designed to roast cocoa beans, or coffee beans. It can also bake peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, and other beans or nuts. The cacao roaster machine adopts the technology of rotary drum, which can ensure uniform heating. This automatic roaster machine has the features of automatic temperature control, high roasting efficiency, easy operation and diverse heating methods. Cocoa bean roaster machine is very popular in the food processing industry. Baking cocoa or coffee beans helps the shelling and sterilization, and can also develop the unique flavor. During baking, various chemical reactions occur. Proper baking is essential for producing excellent flavor of chocolate or coffee.

Cocoa beans and coffee beans
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Structure of drum type cocoa bean roaster machine

The industrial cocoa roasting machine adopts the advanced horizontal structure of the drum. The rotary drum can heats raw materials uniformly and continuously. A thermostat can automatically control the temperature, and realize heat preservation, automatic rotation and baking. The cocoa bean roasting machine also has other parts, such as the heating tube, transmission part, electric control box.

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Roasting process of cacao roaster machine

Before using the cacao bean roaster, clean and screen cocoa seeds or coffee beans. Removing impurities, screening dust and selecting defective beans can ensure the good flavor and cleanliness of beans. Then, pour raw beans into the inlet. The drum rotates continuously and the materials are fully stereoscopic baked.

Cocoa bean roasting machine
Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine

In terms of baking temperature, coffee beans can be baked in the range of 200-230 degrees. The cocoa baking temperature ranges from 120 to 160 degrees, and the baking process generally lasts 15 minutes and longer. After roasting, open the outlet valve, the finished products automatically come out. At this time, the cocoa beans send out an attractive smell and have good taste. They look slightly round, as the bean shells separate from the beans and become easy to fall off.

Cacao roasting machine price

We are a professional cocoa beans roasting machine supplier, with over ten years of manufacturing and export experience. Our machinery has been delivered to a great number of countries and regions. We sell cacao roasting machines at factory price and offer high-quality after-sales service. The machine has different models and capacities. The general capacity ranges from 50kg to 500kg per hour. The overall price of cacao bean roasting machine varies with the model, output, mode of transportation, delivery, customized service, etc. Our machine quality and all-around service have received good feedback from our customers at home and abroad.

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