Hot sale almond roasting roaster machine (rotary drum type)

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The rotary drum almond roasting machine is an advanced roaster for baking almonds. With the large rotary drum structure, the almond roaster machine can roast large batches of almonds with high efficiency and uniform heating effect. The commercial almond roasting machine is also known as a peanut roasting machine, with wide application, also suitable for pistachio nut, walnut, cashew nut, chestnut, hazelnut, broad beans, sunflower seed, pine seed, etc. It is very popular in the nut processing industry.

Almond roaster machine features

The rotary drum almond nut roasting machine takes electricity, natural gas, or liquified gas as the heat source. The roasting equipment adopts the principle of rotary drum, heat conduction, and heat radiation, so the material does not contact the heating tubes during baking. It has been widely proved that almond roaster machinery has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency, energy-saving, and durability. Only 1.5kg liquefied gas is used for baking 100kg materials. The general temperature range is 0-300 ℃, which can be set according to specific needs and the almond roaster can automatically keep constant temperature. The roasted products are of good quality, hygienic, and with good taste.

Almond roasting machinery
Almond Roasting Machinery

Operation of commercial nut roasting equipment

After the almonds are poured into the almond roaster machine, the almonds are continuously pushed by the spiral sheets in the drum to form an uninterrupted cycle. Thus, the rotary drum almond roasting equipment heats almond evenly and effectively and ensures the expected roasting quality. With automatic temperature control and thermal insulation cotton in the machine frame, the almond roaster reaches high thermal efficiency. The nut roasting equipment also has the characteristics of high output, no pollution, and wide application. In addition, we can customize the machine according to customer needs.


How long is the roasting time?

The first baking takes 45-55 minutes, and the next 30 minutes or so.

What is the general heating temperature?

Electric heating is generally 240-260 ° C; Gas heating is generally 220-240 ° C.

How many heating tubes are in the almond roaster machine?

There are 15 heating pipes. If one or two of the heating pipes stop working, the use of the machine will not be affected.

How to judge whether almonds are well roasted?

A handle can be turned over to turn out some materials for checking. You can also use tools such as spoons to take out a small part for viewing.

How to detect the material temperature?

A heat detector can be used to check the material temperature.

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