Advanced drum-type cashew nut roaster machine (50-500kg/h)

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The cashew roaster machine is professionally designed to roast cashew nuts with high efficiency. The cashew nut roaster machine, also named industrial nut roaster, adopts an advanced rotary drum structure and uses the principles of heat conduction and heat radiation to bake cashew nuts. When roasting, the cashew nuts are not in direct contact with the heat source. The cashew nut roasting machine has the advantages of low cost, energy-saving, high efficiency, and durability. With an automatic temperature control system, the roasted cashew nuts are of good quality with uniform color. The output can reach from 50 to 500kg/h or more, suitable for small or medium nut processing factories.

Outstanding features of cashew roaster machine

cashew roasting machine
cashew roasting machine
  • High efficiency and various capacities

To meet the various needs of customers, we provide different models of cashew kernel roasting machines, such as single drum, double-drum, three-drum, four-drum, five-drive respectively. For special needs, it can also be customized according to the actual situation.

  • Enery-saving

The utilization rate of thermal efficiency is high, the gas consumption of a single drum is only 2-3 kg/h.

  • Space-saving and simple operation

The cashew roasting machinery has the advantages of simple operation, small occupation. It is easy for workers to learn and just one worker is needed during the process.

  • Wide use

The industrial cashew kernel roaster machine can be applied to roast various kinds of nuts, beans, or seeds.

Cashew nut roaster working princinple

The cashew roaster machine has a rotary drum and a special high-quality infrared burner to realize the flameless combustion of natural gas and liquefied gas. It also supports electric heating. The automatic temperature control system can keep constant temperature after it reaches the set temperate, which is energy-saving. In the baking process, the cashew nuts are continuously pushed by the propulsion device in the drum to form an uninterrupted cycle. Thus, the materials are heated evenly and effectively.

cashew nut roaster machine 1
cashew nut roaster machine 1

Cashew roasting machine price

We offer various models of cashew nut roasters with different outputs and heating methods at the factory price. For large quantities of our products, we may offer more favorable prices. For special needs on machine material, we can provide customized service. Thus, the cashew roasting machine price varies with many factors. Please leave your specific request on our website, we will then send you the corresponding quotation and machine details.

Typical techical data

TZ-50Power: 1.1kw
Capacity: 50kg/h
TZ-100 Power: 1.1kw
Capacity: 100kg/h
TZ-200 Power: 2.2kw
Capacity: 180-250kg/h
TZ-400 Power: 4.4kw
Capacity: 380-450kg/h
TZ-500 Power: 5.5kw
Capacity: 500–650kg/h
cashew roaster machine parameter

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