Banana peanut butter production process

First, the material selection: dry, bright color without mildew peanuts, commercially available banana powder, sucrose, glucose (such as sucrose sweet, can be considered to replace some glucose), edible iodized salt. Second, equipment: far infrared food oven, steel mill (or stone mill), gravity sorting machine (or aspirator), DZQ600 vacuum gas packaging machine, colloid mill. Third, the […]

The nutritional value and suitable population of peanut butter

Peanut butter is a highly nutritious food. For example, he contains more amino acids and minerals, and the protein and calories are relatively high. It is not suitable for people who want to lose weight. The nutrients of peanut butter are high. Do you know what the benefits are? Let’s take a look at the […]

What are the types of shelling of peanut peelers? What is the effect of shelling?

From the initial advent of the peanut sheller to the present, it is the same as the shelling work. The difference is the different stripping rate and breaking rate. However, the same is the case of shelling, there are different methods of shelling, do you know? Shelling of peanut shelling machine: extrusion shelling, impact shelling, […]

Pneumatic octagonal mixer

The octagonal tube powder mixer is a kind of machine that mixes and mixes a variety of materials and rotates and stirs. It is suitable for powdering and mixing of block, flake and granular foods in the food production process. According to the shape characteristics of fried foods, there are two types of disc type […]

Continuous peanut blanching machine manufacturers

Taizy Machinery recommends the manufacturer of continuous peanut blanching machine. The whole machine of fruit and vegetable blanching machine is divided into two parts: the blanching section and the cooling section. Steam heating. The temperature can be adjusted, the transmission adopts the frequency conversion speed regulating motor, and the speed is adjustable. Can be adjusted […]

High quality peanut butter production process

Peanut products not only have high nutritional value, but also have an appetizing peanut flavor, which is very popular among consumers at home and abroad. Among the many peanut products, peanut butter is famous for its delicate taste, rich peanut flavor and good processing properties. Peanut butter is widely used as a seasoning for Chinese […]

Timely peanut harvesting and retention techniques

Mastering the proper harvest period of peanuts has a great relationship with increasing the yield and quality of peanuts. While harvesting peanuts, we must pay attention to the selection of seeds to ensure that the peanuts will be harvested in the coming year. The suitable harvesting period and retention techniques for peanuts are as follows: […]

Automatic Peanut Butter Machine For Sale Philippines

Our automatic peanut butter machine for sale is very popular in Philippines,which has attracted many customers in Philippines. The whole peanut butter production line mainly consists of peanut shell removing machine,peanut roasting machine, peanut skin peeling machine and peanut butter grinding machine.Now let me introduce you the peanut butter production line in detail. 1.Peanut shell […]

Peanut machinery is practical

Now with the increasing labor costs, the adjustment of agricultural production structure, and the rising price of peanuts in recent years, the planting area of ​​peanuts has shown an expanding trend. In China, peanuts have high economic value. Peanut kernels can be made into peanut oil, peanut butter, etc. Peanut shells can be made into […]