Multifunctional jacketed cooking kettle exported to Pakistan!

jacketed kettle boiler 2
jacketed kettle boiler 2
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A jacketed cooking kettle is a widely used cooking machine with a unique double-layer structure. The jacketed boiler has the advantages of a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time, and easy control of heating temperature. Jacketed pots are widely applied in various food processing plants, restaurants, hotels, and canteens. Our jacketed cooking pot is one of our best-sellers and favored by customers from many countries. A recent example is a jacketed cooking kettle in Pakistan.

Highlights of the jacketed kettle boiler

  • High thermal efficiency, uniform heating, and 40% energy saving compared with similar products. The jacketed boiler has a three-layer structure. Because the three-layer structure has its own heat preservation, circulating oil circuit, fast heating, and energy-saving. The output is increased a lot, and energy is saved.
  • The bottom scraping stirring system of the jacketed cooking kettle in Pakistan can handle high viscosity materials and ensure that the nutrients are not damaged.
  • The tilting steam-jacketed kettle will automatically discharge the material, and the control system adopts circuit control, which is more convenient to use. The pot body can be tilted at any angle, thereby reducing labor and improving production efficiency.
  • Divers heating source: electric heating, steam heating, gas, heat transfer oil.

Wide application

Application of jacketed cooking pot
Application Of Jacketed Cooking Pot

A jacketed pot is a piece of multipurpose cooking equipment with a wide range of applications. A jacketed cooking pot is widely used in processing candy, broth, dairy, wine, cakes, candied fruit, beverages, canned food, etc. It can also be used in large restaurants or canteens for soup, cooking, stew, porridge, etc.

Typical specific examples include sugar syrup, lotus seed paste, jujube paste, bean paste, sauce, fruit puree, curry, etc. in the food industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Introduction to the order of jacketed cooking kettle in Pakistan

Carly, a customer from Pakistan has recently placed an order for a cooking kettle with mixer. The Model: TZ-200 he chose has a capacity of 200L. The model is named according to the machine capacity. Carly owns a restaurant and planned to buy a multifunctional cooking machine with a high volume and automatic mixing function. After watching our machine on the website, he got impressed with the diverse functions and wide applications, and send us his requirement to us. Our sales representative recommend a suitable machine to him and negotiated with him all the machine details. Finally, he confirmed the order with TZ-200, the jacketed kettle boiler with a lid and mixer device. Now, the jacketed cooking kettle runs well in his local place.

The jacketed cooking kettle in pakistan
The Jacketed Cooking Kettle In Pakistan
Mixer power0.75kw
Heating methodgas
Machine material304 stainless steel

What Taizy Machinery Provides?

Taizy Machinery is a leading food processing equipment manufacturer, integrating design, production, and selling as a whole. We design and manufacture high-quality equipment following strict production standards, and have professional certifications. Before exporting the machine, we inspect and operate machines, sending customers the testing video. We offer comprehensive services covering pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale. Our engineers are available for training and technical services. Our machines and services have brought us positive feedback from our global customers.