Cocoa powder making machine running in Australia

cocoa powder making machine Australia for delivery
cocoa powder making machine Australia for delivery
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The cocoa powder production line is a complete set of cocoa processing equipment for making cocoa powder from cocoa beans. Cocoa powder is widely used with broad market, often used as a raw material for making chocolate, cocoa beverages, ice cream, desserts, and baked foods. Our cocoa powder processing line has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, high fineness, safety, and hygiene, etc., and is well received by domestic and foreign customers. We recently exported a cocoa powder processing machine to Australia with a capacity of 300kg/h and powder finess of 20-120mesh. The customer wants to start a business of processing cocoa butter and cocoa powder. After installment and debugging, the cocoa powder making machine Australia has already been in production of cocoa liquor and cocoa powder. The whole set of machine works stably and is highly praised by our customer.

Overview of cocoa powder production line

Cocoa powder making machine
Cocoa Powder Making Machine

Our company has designed and developed a complete set of processing technology for cocoa beans. The products of the cocoa processing equipment includes cocoa nibs, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder. The equipment in the production lines can be flexibly combined according to customer needs, with semi-automatic and fully automatic types to choose from. The capacity generally ranges from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h, .

Cocoa powder making process: raw cocoa beans — roasted cocoa beans — cocoa nibs — cocoa paste –cocoa butter & cocoa oil cake — cocoa oil cake pieces — cocoa powder

Cocoa powder made by cocoa grinder machine
Cocoa Powder Made By Cocoa Grinder Machine

Machine list of 300kg/h cocoa powder processing machine

The following shows the machines involved in the cocoa powder making machine Australia and the main technical data of the 300kg/h cocoa powder processing machine. Apart from the machines below, our Australian customer also ordered supporting equipment, like hoists, conveyors to connect the machines.

Actually, we have different machine models and types for options. The machine material, machine size, voltage and many other specifications can be customized according to special needs of customers.

1Cocoa roasting machineModel: TZ-300
Motor power: 3.3kw
Heating power: 45kw
Dimension: 2950*2900*1750mm      
2Cocoa peeling machinePower: 3KW
Dimensions: 2000*800*1650mm 
3Cocoa grinding machineModel: TZ-300
Power: 22kw
Size: 1250*550*1100mm
Output: 300kg/h
4cocoa oil press machineModel: TZ-250
Capacity :200-250kg/h
Power:3 kw
Working pressure:30mpa
Barrel height:500-800mm
Cylinder stroke:500mm
5Cocoa oil cake crushing machineModel: TZ-400
Feeding Size:380*250mm
Dimension: 1300*900*1350mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
6Cocoa powder grinderModel: TZ-30B
Material: SUS304
Power: 7.5kw
Fineness: 20-120mesh
Capacity: 80-400kg/h
Dimension: 700*600*1450mm

Cocoa powder making machine Australia delivery picture

Delivery of cocoa powder making machine australia
Delivery Of Cocoa Powder Making Machine Australia

Cost of cocoa powder making machine

The cocoa powder making machine price is determined by the comprehensive cost. One factor is the raw material prices. For example, the prices of different types and qualities of steel are also different, and the impact of steel prices is affected by the current market. In addition, the prices various with different machine models and types. For example, if the output is not high, and the corresponding machine price is relatively low. In addition, the configuration of different equipment is not the same, and the need for customized machines or accessories will also affect the cost of the equipment. Welcome to contact us for professional purchasing advice and the best quotation.