250kg/h groundnut peeling machine shipped to Nigeria

groundnut peeling machine in Nigeria 1
groundnut peeling machine in Nigeria 1
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A groundnut peeling machine is an efficient machine for removing the outer skin of peanuts, almonds, broad beans, soybeans, chickpeas, and other dry fruits. A wet peanut peeling machine adopts the wet peeling method to ensure that peanut skin and peanut kernel can be automatically separated, with high efficiency and easy operation. Last month, a customer from Nigeria ordered a TZ-180 machine and then we shipped the groundnut peeling machine to Nigeria. This groundnut peeling machine in Nigeria is very popular among our customers.

Why use a wet peanut peeling machine?

The main advantages of the groundnut peeling machine are that the peeling rate is high (above 98%), the integrity rate is 90%, and the broken valve rate is 2-3%. Compared with the dry peeling method of a roasted groundnut peeling machine, this method of wet peeling can keep the color of peanut kernels white, without browning, and the protein is not denatured.

The groundnut peeling machine in Nigeria is applicable in the production lines of fried peanuts, peanut cakes, peanut candy, peanut milk, flavored peanut snacks, etc.

The groundnut skin peeling machine uses high-standard pure rubber soft rollers to imitate manual actions, the red coat of peanuts is easy to fall off, the operation is convenient, and the output is high, which can reach 100-250kg/h.

Order details of groundnut peeling machine in Nigeria

Our Nigerian customer, Daniel, placed an order for the TZ-180 machine in May. He engages in the production of peanut snacks and needed an efficient peanut peeling machine with a high peeling rate and integrity rate. Through the detailed understanding of the peanut skin remover machine from our sales representative, he thought that the output and functions of this model met his need and then knew about the issues about payment, packaging, delivery, and after-sales services. All his inquiries were solved efficiently, and he was impressed with our professional and considerate services and signed the contract with us.

Groundnut skin peeling machine in nigeria

Model: TZ-180

Power: 0.75kw

Capacity: 200-250kg

Size: 1.18*0.85*1.1m

Weight: 180kg

Machine material: 304 stainless steel

How to use the wet peanut peeling machine?

Before peeling, soak the peanut kernels in warm water for 3-5 minutes, wait until the skin can be rubbed off by hand, and then pour it into the groundnut peeling machine in Nigeria hopper to start the peeling work, and place a receiving container at the discharge port.

The peanuts are automatically vibrated into the rotating rubber wheel fixed by three power rollers. Through the action of the induction strip and the feeding wheel, the peeling effect is achieved by the imitation manual twisting wheel, and then the discharge wheel presses the peeled peanuts into the discharge hopper, and the outer skin is thrown out by the pulley.

Price of groundnut skin peeling machine in Nigeria

As a professional nut processing machinery manufacturer, we provide various types and models of peanut skin removing machines to meet diverse market demands. The groundnut skin peeling machine price is competitive, based on the overall cost of the machine, and varies with the machine models, types, quantities, machine materials, etc. For special demands regarding machine specifications, we can offer tailored services. Please do not hesitate to send us your specific requirement. Our professionals will send you the detailed quotation and other machine information.