3 Things You Should Know About Operation of Conveyor Frying Machine

conveyor frying machine
conveyor frying machine
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A conveyor frying machine is one type of industrial fryer machine, using double mesh belts to transport food for continuous frying. Users can adjust the transmission speed of the mesh belts according to the different fried foods. The conveyor belt frying machine is equipped with a high-efficiency heater, which can increase the temperature quickly and have high production efficiency. The automatic conveyor frying machine is suitable for the continuous production of meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta, nut, and other products, which can greatly reduce the oxidation of edible oil, prolong the service life of the oil, and improve the safety of the equipment. The continuous fryer machine is divided into electric heating and gas heating. It is smokeless, multi-functional automatic frying equipment. The industrial continuous fryer can fry all kinds of food at the same time, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. Here is an introduction to 3 issues about the operation of the machine.

Oil filling methods

The conveyor frying machine can adopt an oil-water separation principle to fry food by filling water on the bottom and oil on the top. Also, the machine can be added with pure oil for deep frying.

1. Oil-water separation

The overall structure is that the oil is on the top and the water is on the bottom. The food waste generated during the frying process sinks into the lower water at any time, and the oil in the soaked residue is filtered and returned to the oil layer. The water under the machine is drained, and the waste residue in the water is also discharged at the same time, which realizes that there is no carbonization in the oil, the oil will not turn black, the service cycle is long, the fried food is bright in color, good in taste, and the product grade is improved. This equipment is suitable for frying all kinds of food, especially for the food with a lot of slag during the frying process, such as pasta, paste food, seafood, etc.

2. Pure oil

The conveyor frying machine can be added with pure oil for frying, and slag removal is done by adding a filter, or by regularly draining oil for sedimentation and replacing frying oil, so that there is no black slag floating in the machine to ensure bright food color and good taste.

Operation and maintenance

Conveyor belt frying machine (3-meter belt length)
Conveyor Belt Frying Machine (3-Meter Belt Length)
  1. Before starting the conveyor frying machine, carefully check whether the pipe fittings and valves are firmly connected.
  2. Carefully check whether the electrical facilities are normal before starting the machine.
  3. Check whether the pressure of the air compressor storage tank meets the requirements.
  4. The order of single feeding should be from less to more. The feed should be evenly distributed into the input.
  5. Check the amount of oil before feeding, and keep it at least 20cm away from the edge of the pot to prevent oil from splashing.
  6. The frying time is generally 0.5-5 minutes. It can be adjusted based on specific requirements.
  7. The frying temperate can be set between 100-190℃.
  8. After frying, the remaining oil should be released so that the equipment can be filtered and cleaned.
  9. Change the water once a day in summer, and change it regularly in winter according to the water quality. The heating pipe must be immersed in the medium to work.
  10. The fryer should be maintained at least once a month, and the heating pipe should be cleaned of contaminants on the surface in time.


  • Before power-on, water and oil must be added to the fryer to avoid burning out the heating tubes of the industrial fryer machine.
  • Do not add water to the fryer during the working process, and do not replace the internal water when the oil temperature is higher than 80°C.
  • Oil with high moisture content and easy foaming cannot be used for this equipment.
  • During the working process, if you put food with high water content or load too much food at one time, it will cause boiling, so be careful not to be scalded by the overflowing high-temperature oil.
  • When the water level in the fryer is too high, the excess water must be removed through the oil drain valve to prevent the occurrence of oil spills.
  • The set temperature of the fryer should be lower than 230℃, and the power must be cut off when the operator leaves.

Adjustment of conveyor frying machine

Industrial fryer machine (4-meter belt length) 1
Industrial Fryer Machine (4-Meter Belt Length) 1

The industrial fryer machine has wide uses. To fry different products, sometimes, it is necessary to make some adjustments to the machine.

  1. Adjust the frying time through the conveyor belt inverter.
  2. Change the frying temperate through the temperate control device.
  3. Adjust the speed through the conveyor inverter.
  4. Change the speed of the filter paper according to the flow state of food and oil.
  5. Adjust the speed of the slag scraper based on the flow state of food and oil.

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