Banana peanut butter production process

First, the material selection: dry, bright color without mildew peanuts, commercially available banana powder, sucrose, glucose (such as sucrose sweet, can be considered to replace some glucose), edible iodized salt.

Second, equipment: far infrared food oven, steel mill (or stone mill), gravity sorting machine (or aspirator), DZQ600 vacuum gas packaging machine, colloid mill.
Third, the specific operation:
1. Screening Remove impurities and mildew, worms and immature granules from peanut kernels.
2, cleaning Peanuts are susceptible to aflatoxin contamination, rapid panning can detoxification 80%.
3, baking It is the key process to determine the flavor, taste and color of the finished product, baking temperature is 130 ~ 150 ° C, time is 20 ~ 30 minutes, so that the water content is 11% ~ 12% is appropriate.
4, remove the red clothes and pick the peanuts after the temperature drops below 45 ° C, peel off, remove the peanut film with a gravity sorter or aspirator, pay attention to adjust the distance between the peeling machine grinding, so that the peanuts can be squeezed Into two lobes without being ground to a degree, then pick out the peanuts that are overcooked and not peeled. Requires that the red residue should not exceed 2%;
5. Rough grinding The peeled peanut kernels are coarsely ground with a steel mill or a stone mill.
6. Mix the ingredients according to the following formula: 1000.0 g of peanut kernel, 120.0 g of banana powder, 20.0 g of monoglyceride, 50.0 g of sucrose, and 8.0 g of salt. The percentage is 83.5% of peanut kernels, 10.0% of banana powder, 4.2% of sucrose, 1.6% of monoglyceride, and 0.7% of salt.
7. Fine grinding Using a colloid mill, the secondary grinding method uses a grinding fineness of about 7 microns, and the outlet temperature of both grindings is controlled above 68 °C.
8. Cooling, packaging and aging The peanut butter prepared according to the best formula should immediately eliminate the heat generated by grinding. When the temperature drop temperature drops below 45 °C, the container is filled into the container. The suitable temperature for loading into the container is 29.4~43.3 °C. . After the finished product is finished, it should be moved less and enter the ripening treatment for more than 48 hours. Vacuum packaging (best in toothpaste) is usually used for packaging.

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