Banana powder peanut butter recipe

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Do you like banana powder peanut butter? Let us see how to easily make it.

Material selection

Dry, bright-colored peanuts, banana powder, edible salt, sucrose or glucose.

Peanut butter
Peanut Butter


A food oven, a steel mill (or stone mill), gravity sorting machine (or aspirator), vacuum packaging machine, peanut butter colloid mill.

Peanut grinder machine
Peanut Grinder Machine

Operation procedures

  1. Screening. Remove impurities and wash peanuts.
  2. Baking.  The key process determines the flavor, taste and color of the finished product. You need to keep the baking temperature at 130 ~ 150 ° C, and bake for 20 ~ 30 minutes until the moisture is 11% ~ 12%.
  3. Peeling. Remove the red skins of peanuts by using a gravity sorting machine (or aspirator).
  4. Rough grinding. The peeled peanut kernels are coarsely ground with a steel mill or a stone mill.
  5. Blending. Mix the ingredients according to the following formula: 1000g peanut kernel, 120g banana powder, 20g monoglyceride, 50g sucrose, and 8g salt. Percentage: 83.5% of peanut kernels, 10.0% of banana powder, 4.2% of sucrose, 1.6% of monoglyceride, and 0.7% of salt.
  6. Fine grinding. Use a colloid mill for grinding so that the fineness reaches about 7 microns, and control the outer temperature of both grindings at above 68 °C.
  7. Cooling and packaging. When the temperature drops below 45 °C, fill the peanut butter into the container. The suitable temperature is 29.4~43.3 °C. Vacuum packaging machine is usually used for packaging. (Note: peanut butter can go bad. Avoid keep peanut butter for too long.)

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