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The professional peanut sheller machine is specially designed to take off the peanut shells by cracking the shells at high speed and keeps the peanut kernels intact. The peanut cracking machine is widely used in peanut processing lines, such as the peanut butter production line. The peanut sheller has been one of our hot-sellers.

Peanut sheller machine
Peanut Sheller Machine

Structure of Peanut Sheller Machine

Peanut sheller consists of frame, fan, rotor, motor, sieves of two sizes, the feeding hopper, the vibrating screen, corrugated bar, grid bar, concave plate, specific gravity sorting screen, elevator, the triangular belt wheel, and transmission triangular belt, etc.

Structural features of peanut shelling machine
Structural Features Of Peanut Shelling Machine

Working Principle of Peanut Cracking Machine

It is not difficult to understand the working principle of the peanut sheller machine. Under the rotating wind pressure and impact of the rotor, the peanuts are well cracked, and the peanut kernels and broken peanut shells first pass through the screen with large sieving holes. The small peanuts and peanut kernels automatically fall on the specific gravity sorting screen. After gravity sorting, the peanut kernels flow up from the screen surface and into the discharge port, while small unshelled peanuts flow down from the screen surface and into the elevator, and move to the fine grid for secondary shelling. At the same time, the light peanut shells are blown out of the machine by the rotating fan.

Peanut shelling machine
Peanut Shelling Machine

Peanut cracking machine video in working mode

Groundnut Sheller Machine Technical Parameter

ModeTZ-400BTZ -800CTZ -1500CTZ -3000DTZ-3000C
Shelling Rate≥95%≥98%≥98%≥99%≥98%
Breaking Rate≤5%≤4%≤4%≤5%≤4%
Cleanness Rate≥97%≥97.5%≥97.5%≥99%≥97.5%
Losing Rate≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%
Out Size   (mm)550*550*9001520*1060*16601960*1250*21702540*1360*30002150*1560*2250

Groundnut Shelling Machine Highlights

Peanut sheller features
  • High Productivity The peanut sheller machine can remove peanuts’ shells up to 3000kg/h.
  • High Shelling and Cleaning Rate The shelling rate is as high as 95% or more, with low breakage rate. The peanut shells can be separated with the kernels and got moved out.
  • Easy to operate and move The peanut cracking machine is easy to operate. Equipped with four wheels, it is easy to move.
  • Energy-saving, moderate and uniform wind power
  • Reasonable design, and no noise

Package & Delivery of Groundnut Shelling Machine

Customer Feedback of Peanut Sheller Machine

Customer feedback of peanut shelling machine
Customer Feedback Of Peanut Shelling Machine

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