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The continuous peanut roaster is a new multi-functional automatic roasting machine. The industrial nut roaster is mainly used for the roasting of nuts, beans, seeds, and other materials, such as cashew nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, soybeans, sesame seeds. It is often used in automatic nut processing lines, including the peanut butter production line. With the metal chain plate as a conveyor belt, the continuous roaster can realize high roasting efficiency. Meanwhile, the circulating fan in the continuous roasting machine evenly exchanges heat to achieve strong airflow roasting. The equipment is ideal for roasting peanuts, beans, and seeds in large quantities in the food processing industry.


Continuous peanut roaster highlights

  1. High productivity. The output can reach 200-1000kg per hour.
  2. Multifunctional. The roasting and cooling integrated design allows the materials to automatically enter into the cooling area. Thus, the materials is convenient to be stored and further processed.
  3. High degree of automation. The continous peanut roaster has automatic temperature control, excellent roasting and cooling effect.
  4. Good roasting quality. The circulating fan can make strong air flow for roasting, improve baking efficiency. The temperature in the continuous roaster machine is uniform.
  5. Diverse heating sources. Heat source can be electricity or gas.
Raw peanuts and roasted peanuts
Raw Peanuts And Roasted Peanuts

Working principle of continuous nut roaster

The continuous peanut roaster, a jet air roasting type, makes hot air flow up and down to the materials on the metal chain plate. Due to the high jet speed, the heat transfer coefficient is high, so is the roasting speed. It has strong penetration and diffusion within the materials. The material thickness can be up to 50-60mm. The heat source can be electricity and gas.


Continuous roasting machine structure

The continuous roaster mainly includes a conveyor system, roasting part, and cooling part. The segmented heating of the roaster can achieve the results of independent temperature control and independent electric box control. The transmission speed is changeable.

Parameter of peanut roasting equipment

Machine typeTransmission power(kw)Heating Power(kw)Thickness of raw materials(mm)Output(kg/h)Dimension(mm)
technical data of continuous roaster

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