Peanut peeling and splitting machine | half cutting machine

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The peanut kernel splitting machine is designed to peel peanut kernels and split peanuts into two halves. The peanut germ can also be eliminated. The split peanuts can be prepared for making fried peanuts, peanut butter, or other foods.

Working principle of peanut kernel splitting machine

The raw peanuts should be shelled and roasted at first. We supply peanut roaster machines, which can meet different needs for roasting. Our peanut half-cutting machine is equipped with rollers, a dust collection device, and a vibrating screen inside. After the peanuts enter the feeding port, the rollers remove the skins of peanuts through friction, and the vacuum device sucks the peanut red skins. After that, the vibrating screen separates the peanut kernels into two parts and removes the germs from the kernels.

Machine details of peanut splitter
Machine Details Of Peanut Splitter

Type 1: Peanut splitting machine

Peanut peeling and splitting machine
Peanut Peeling And Splitting Machine

Part of parameters

part of technical data

Type 2: Roasted peanut split machine

Peanut kernel splitting machine is special equipment for peeling and splitting peanut kernels. This multifunctional machine can realize the peeling, splitting, and germ removal of peanuts at one time. The roasted peanut split machine has the advantages of a high degree of automation, high splitting and peeling rate, low noise, and no pollution. Equipped with three rollers, the peanut splitter machine can peel the peanuts efficiently and the separated peanut are uniform. It is an ideal choice for the food processing industry.

Technical data

ModelModel TZ-1 Model TZ-2
Motor power1.5KW2.2KW
Fan power1.5KW1.5KW
Peeling rate>98%>98%
Peanut germ removal rate>90%>90%
technical data

Advantages of peanut kernel peeling and splitting machine:

1, High efficiency and labor-saving. The output can reach up to 1000kg/h.

2, High splitting rate, low noise, no pollution. The peeling and splitting effect is very high. The red skins can be well collected.

3, Hygienic and high product quality. The peeled and split peanuts processed by the peanut splitter machine is hygienic with no breakage.

4, Simple operation and easy to maintain.

Peanut splitter machine
Peanut Splitter Machine

Noticeably, the raw peanuts should be shelled and roasted at first. We also offer peanut shelling machines and peanut roasting machines.

Working process video of roasted peanut split machine

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