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Automatic Fried Food Peanut Production Line is composed of the peanut shelling machine, the peanut blanching machine, wet peanut peeling machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, flavoring and seasoning machine, and packaging machine. The fried peanut processing line can be totally automatic. The fried peanut processing line is also suitable for processing other food, such as french fries, potato chips, and so on. In that way, it could be reckoned as a fried food production line.

The characteristics of fried peanut line lies in its higher-degree automatization, labor saving and high productivity.

Process of Making Fried Peanut


Process of making fried peanut
Process Of Making Fried Peanut
  • Step 1 Shell peanuts by the sheling machine
  • Step 2 Put selected peanuts into the blanching machine and start it to make red skins of peanuts more humid. This step is preparing for peeling more easily.
  • Step 3 Place blanched machine into the hopper of automatic peeling machine for removing their red coats.
  • Step 4 Fry white peanut kernels for a while until they become crisp and golden yellow.
  • Step 5 Deoil fried peanuts in case of the bad taste of peanuts.
  • Step 6 Automatic flavoring and seasoning machine add seasons and other material into deoiled peanuts for better taste.
  • Step 6 We provide two types of packaging. one is ordinary packing while the other vacuum packaging for longer shelf life.

Fried Peanut Making Machines

Fried peanut making machines
Fried Peanut Making Machines
  1. peanut shelling machine
  2. peanut blanching machine
  3. wet peanut peeling machine
  4. frying machine
  5. fried peanut deoiling machine
  6. flavoring and seasoning machine
  7. packaging machine

Introduction of Fried Peanut Machines

Peanut Shelling Machine

The Peanut sheller is a machine that takes off the peanut shell by rotating the body at high speed and keeps the peanut kernels intact. Peanut sheller consists of frame, fan, rotor, hairdryer, single-phase motor, the screen mesh (of two sizes), the feeding hopper, the vibrating screen, the triangular belt wheel, and transmission triangular belt.

Peanut shelling machine
Peanut Shelling Machine

Technical Parameter

Shelling Rate≥95%≥98%≥98%≥99%≥98%
Breaking Rate≤5%≤4%≤4%≤5%≤4%
Cleanness Rate≥97%≥97.5%≥97.5%≥99%≥97.5%
Losing Rate≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%≤ 0.5%
Out Size   (mm)550*550*9001520*1060*16601960*1250*21702540*1360*30002150*1560*2250

Peanut Blanching Machine

The blanching machine also works as a frying machine.

The Frying Machine| Fryer is a piece of equipment widely applied in the food processing industry. The frying equipment is used for frying food, such as peanuts, french fries, chips, potato chips, and so on. The automatic frying machine is a necessity in the fried peanut production line and potato chips production line.

Tipping bucket frying machine
Tipping Bucket Frying Machine

technical parameter


Wet Peeling Machine

An automatic wet peanut peeling machine is used for removing and peeling red skins of peanuts. Wet peanut skin peeling machine is a piece of ideal equipment to process peanut, almond, broad bean, and soybean, etc. Roasted Wet Peanut Peeling Machine is composed of feeding and discharge hopper, a rubber roller, and a guiding pulley, etc. The feeding hopper, discharge hopper, screen, and blades are made of 304 stainless steel while the frame, belt pulley, bearings are carbon steel.

Wet peanut peeling machine
Wet Peanut Peeling MachineWet Peanut Peeling Machine

Technical Parameter

Peeling Rate(%)92-9592-95
Breaking Rate(%)2-32-3
Whole Kernel Rate(%)85-9085-90

Peanut Frying Machine

The automatic frying machine is used for frying food, such as peanuts, french fries, chips, potato chips and so on. The automatic frying machine is a necessity in the automatic fried peanut production line and automatic potato chips production line.

Continuous fryer machine
Continuous Fryer Machine

The continuous fryer machine has the characteristics of a variable frequency speed control system, which is suitable for frying various foods (such as peanuts, tofu, chicken, fish, meatloaf, meatballs, potato chips, French fries, etc.). The machine is made of stainless steel, which solves the problem of excessive acidification of fried foods.

Technical Parameter


Fried Peanut Deoiling Machine

The Deoiling Machine tends to exercise power in conjunction with the Frying Machine. The deoiling machine is made of 304 stainless steel. It’s mainly used in the fruit and vegetable processing industry for processing fruits and vegetables. This machine is suitable for units or individuals that require dehydration or oil removal.

Fried food deoiling machine
Fried Food Deoiling Machine

Technical Parameter


Peanut Flavoring and Seasoning Machine

We have two types of flavoring and seasoning machine: drum flavoring and seasoning machine and eight-angle seasoning machine.

The fried food flavoring machine widely spreads in the food processing machinery. Automatic fried food flavoring machine is applied in mixing and blending fried food.  Its uses cover peanut, popcorn, soybean, fruit chips, potato chips, etc. This fried food seasoning machine is the most horizontal flavoring machine among food manufacturing machines.

Drum Peanut Flavoring and Seasoning Machine

The drum flavoring machine is equipped with a high-speed blender, a piece of spiral powder feeding device, and a tilting flavoring roller. The fried peanut flavoring machine can blend and mix automatically.

Once the rotary seasoning machine starts, the material falls into the drum and is pushed upward by the stirring blades to mix with the seasoning powder. When time is up, the discharge will send grains out for the next step.

The fried food flavoring machine
The fried food flavoring machine
Technical Parameter

 Eight-angle Flavoring and Seasoning Machine

Multiple-use flavoring and mixing machine
Multiple-Use Flavoring And Mixing Machine

The rotary seasoning machine has features of integrates electromagnetic, light control, electronic control and digital delay, and has high automation.

Technical Parameter

Fried Peanut Packaging Machine

We provide two types of packaging machines: vacuum packaging machine and ordinary packaging machine.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

The vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packing and packaging machine. The packing machine is for removing oxygen for longer shelf life. Because this machine for packaging works by suppressing the number and the growth of microbes. Therefore, the material quality is protected.

Single room packaging machine
single room packaging machine

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer & supplier, we provide two types of vacuum packaging machines: single room packaging machine and double room packaging machine.

Technical Parameter
ModelVacuum chamber size(mm)Seal length   (mm)Voltage   (v)Size(mm)Vacuum degree ((Pa)Power   (kw)
SL-400/2S520*500*100400380(220)1030*520*910≤ 2002
SL-500/2s620*580*1005003801220*580*910≤ 2002.5
SL-600/2s720*620*1006003801430*720*950≤ 2003
SL-700/2s820*720*1007003801630*810*950≤ 2004
SL-800/2s920*820*1007003801830*820*950≤ 2005

Ordinary Packaging Machine

Automatic Puffed Food Packaging Machine is a piece of equipment applied in the food processing industry for packing materials. This automatic packaging machinery is mainly for packing puffed food, fried food, potato chips, and french fries, frozen food, pet food, biscuit, etc. It’s made of 304 stainless steel. The capacity of potato chips/peanut sealer varies differently. And its use has extended to many other areas and fields, such as the chemical industry and the metal industry.

Automatic puffed food packaging machine
Automatic Puffed Food Packaging Machine
Technical Parameter
Max Film Width(mm)3204205207209001200
Bag Length(mm)50-20080-30080-350100-500100-6001000
Bag Width(mm)30-14060-200100-250180-350260-430290-580
MaxFilm Diameter(mm300320320320400400
Packing Speed(P/Min)5-605-605-605-555-205-20
Measuring Range50-500150-500200040001-25L1.5-45L

Advantages of Fried Peanut Production Line

  • The main parts of al machines are made of 304 stainless steel. The making material meets the quality and health standards.
  • The fried peanut production line is matured so far. For each machine involved, there are multiple uses not only for processing peanuts.
  • High productivity and high efficiency 
  • Customization Size information is detailed and we offer customization services.
  • Multiple advantages. This automatic production line is labor-saving and time-saving. We provided all-round after-sale services from purchase to use.

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