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Automatic Puffed Food Packaging Machine Introduction

Automatic Puffed Food Packaging Machine is a piece of equipment applied in the food processing industry for packing materials. This automatic packaging machinery is mainly for packing puffed food, fried food, potato chips and french fries, frozen food, pet food, biscuit, etc. It’s made of 304 stainless steel. The capacity of potato chips/peanut sealer varies differently. And its use has extended to many other area and field, such as the chemical industry and the metal industry.

Structural Features of Fried Food Packaging Mchine

The main parts of fried food packaging machine includes material elevator, ladder, workbench and touch screen.

Structural features of fried food packaging mchine
Structural Features Of Fried Food Packaging Mchine

Technical Parameter of Packaging Machine

Max Film Width(mm)3204205207209001200
Bag Length(mm)50-20080-30080-350100-500100-6001000
Bag Width(mm)30-14060-200100-250180-350260-430290-580
MaxFilm Diameter(mm300320320320400400
Packing Speed(P/Min)5-605-605-605-555-205-20
Measuring Range50-500150-500200040001-25L1.5-45L

Application for Automatic Puffed Food Packaging Machine 

Application for Automatic Puffed Food Packaging Machine  covers candies, peanuts, fried peanuts, sesame, jelly, coffee beans.

Application for automatic puffed food packaging machine
Application For Automatic Puffed Food Packaging Machine

Sealing Styles of packaging and Sealing Machine

Sealing styles of packaging and sealing machine
Sealing Styles Of Packaging And Sealing Machine

Advantage of Potato Chips Packing Machinery


Advantage of potato chips packing machinery
Advantage Of Potato Chips Packing Machinery
  • Fully automatic and Labor-saving
  • High-efficiency Packaging volume varies from 5 to 55bags per minute.
  • Stable and Excellent Performance
  • High -quality making material The industrial packaging machine is made of 304 stainless steel
  • Easy to operate and equipped with computerised control panel

1, Fully automatic and Labor-savinghigh efficiency, saving manpower

2,High quality and high yield

3, Automatic counting and production date

Packing & Delievery of Packaging Machinery


Shipping & delievery of packaging machinery
Shipping &Amp; Delievery Of Packaging Machinery

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