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Vacuum Packaging Machine Introduction

Single room packaging machine

The vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packing and packaging machine. The packing machine is for removing oxygen for longer shelf life. Because this machine for packaging works by suppressing the number and the growth of microbes. Therefore, the material quality is protected.

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer & supplier, we provide two types of vacuum packaging machines: single room packaging machine and double room packaging machine.

Structure of Vacuum Packing Machinery

Structure of vacuum packing machinery
Structure Of Vacuum Packing Machinery

Vacuum Packaging Machine Technical Parameter

ModelVacuum chamber size(mm)Seal length   (mm)Voltage   (v)Size(mm)Vacuum degree ((Pa)Power   (kw)
SL-400/2S520*500*100400380(220)1030*520*910≤ 2002
SL-500/2s620*580*1005003801220*580*910≤ 2002.5
SL-600/2s720*620*1006003801430*720*950≤ 2003
SL-700/2s820*720*1007003801630*810*950≤ 2004
SL-800/2s920*820*1007003801830*820*950≤ 2005

Application for Vacuum Sealer

The material for packing can be fried food, salted meat, etc. A vacuum sealer is suitable for many kinds of material from food to daily necessity, from medicine to chemicals, from casual snacks to various cereal.

Manufacturing Technique of Vacuum Packaging Machine

Single room packaging machine
Single Room Packaging Machine
  • The vacuum packaging machine adopts new heating device, imported cutting-edge heating strip, and isolation cloth.
  • Making material: 304 stainless steel with 4mm of working iron plate
  • Equipped with Movable and fixed brakes
  • The gasket and sealing strip is made of natural silica gel.
  • Two types: open heating belt and insulation cloth.

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