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The fried food flavoring machine
The fried food flavoring machine

The automatic fried food flavoring machine, also known as a continuous drum type seasoning machine is used for seasoning food in snack food production lines. The rotary drum seasoning machine has an inclined seasoning drum, which can automatically control the speed and material capacity. Equipped with a spiral powder feeding device, the flavoring machine mixes the material while spreading powder. It is also equipped with vibrating powder spraying, which is uniform and accurate. The product has a high degree of automation.

Fried food flavoring machine
Fried Food Flavoring Machine

Technical Parameter

Technical data

Rotary Fried Food Flavoring Machine Working Principle

The fried food favoring machine is equipped with a high-speed blender, a piece of spiral powder feeding device, and a tilting flavoring roller. The fried peanut flavoring machine can blend and mix automatically.

Once the rotary seasoning machine starts, the material is pushed upward to mix with the seasoning powder. When time is up, the food can be discharged automatically.

Structural Features of Rotary Drum Seasoning Machine

The rotary seasoning machine consists of main parts such as bracket, roller, drum drive system, dusting system, dusting drive system, and switchboard.

Structural features for automatic peanut seasoning machine

Inlet Hopper

Control panel

Control Panel of automatic peanut flavoring machine

Fried food flavoring machine

electric circuit and board design


the roller

Advantages of Peanut Flavoring Machine

  1. Different Types There are two types of fried flavoring machine. They are the roller and octagonal types.
  2. Food safety and hgyience. All made of 304 stainless steel, which meets national health and safety standards.
  3. Multiple Uses The fried food flavoring machine has the capacity of processing peanut, soybean, fruit chips, potato chips in the food processing industry.
  4. High Productivity The output can reach up to 1500kg per hour.
  5. Automatic Input and Discharge, Flavoring Uniformly
  6. Easy to Operate, Maintain and Clean
Automatic food flavoring machine
Automatic Food Flavoring Machine

Automatic Food Flavoring Machine Application

The Fried Food Flavoring Machine is universally applied in food processing food for mixing and blending various food, such as potato chips, fried peanuts, salted peanuts, popcorn, fruit brittle, chips, puffed food. french fries, and other snacks.  

Flavored foods
Flavored Foods

Another type of seasoning machine

We offer another type of flavoring machine. The multiple-use flavoring and mixing machine is also very popular in the market.

Octagonal blender machine
Octagonal Blender Machine

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