Peanut coating machine

coated peanut making machine
coated peanut production line

50kg/h automatic coated peanut making machine for sale

The peanut burger production machine is widely used for coating and roasting peanuts, green beans, broad beans, soybeans, and other nut kernels, beans, and seeds. Here is a specific introduction to a 50kg/h peanut burger making machine.

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coated peanut production line

Affordable peanut burger coating machinery in Nigeria

Automatic peanut coating machinery is one of our hotter sellers in Nigeria and draws an increasing number of Nigerian consumers. The entire coated peanut production line contains a peanut roasting machine, a peanut peeling machine, a peanut coating machine, coated peanut roasting machine, a cooling machine, a flavoring machine, and a packaging machine. Our peanut coating machine in Nigeria has reliable quality and at a reasonable and affordable factory price.

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coated peanut machine

Electric coated peanut burger machine in Nigeria

Our coated peanut machines are very popular in Nigeria and many other countries. The whole peanut burger production line mainly includes a peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut coating machine, coated peanut roaster machine (swing oven), seasoning machine, packing machine. Recently, we have delivered coated peanut machine in Nigeria.

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peanut coating production line
Peanut production line

Peanut coating production line | coated peanut snack machine

The peanut coating production line is to produce coated peanut snacks in the food processing industry. The coated peanut production line is suitable for making various candied snacks. The coated peanut making machines mainly include a roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, coating machine, vibration baking oven, seasoning machine, cooling machine, packing machine.

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Coated Peanut Roaster Machine (Swing Oven)

Coated peanut roaster machine for sale | swing oven

This coated peanut swing tray oven is mainly used for processing coated peanut snacks, like burger snack, sugar-coated peanut, caramel-coated peanut, toffee-coated peanut, flour-coated peanut, fish-skin peanut and other granular coated foods. The swing oven is also applicable to the baking of various nuts, including pistachios, cocoa beans, cashew nuts, etc. The peanut swing oven has the features of high productivity, even heating, low breakage rate, and no pollution.

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