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The coated peanut roaster machine is mainly used for baking coated peanut snacks, like burger snack, sugar-coated peanut, caramel-coated peanut, toffee-coated peanut, flour-coated peanut, fish-skin peanut and other granular coated foods in the coated peanut production line. The swing oven is also applicable to the baking of various nuts, including pistachios, cocoa beans, cashew nuts, etc. The coated peanut roasting machine has the features of high productivity, even heating, low breakage rate, and no pollution. The raw materials baked in the swing oven have a smooth surface and the original color. Thus, it is ideal equipment for baking coated peanuts, nuts and other granular foods. The heating source of the automatic coated peanut baking machine can be electricity, gas or oil transfer liquid.

Working process of coated peanut roaster machine

The plane rotary swing oven can mix the raw material while heating. Equipped with automatic temperature control device, the coated peanut roaster can reach the set temperature and keep high insulation effect.

After starting the swing type peanut roaster machine, people need to pour the raw material on the baking pan. For large type of swing roaster machine, it has an automatic lifting and feeding system, which can automatically pour the raw materials into the baking tray. Then, the oven pan moves left and right at a constant speed with the raw materials rolling on it. The baking tray moves from side to side in the heat zone. Roasted peanuts can be evenly heated and achieve the desired roasting effect. When the time is up, open the valve, and then the swing baking oven discharges the roasted peanuts itself.

large coated peanut swing oven
large coated peanut swing oven

Coated peanut baking oven highlights

  • High productivity and low breakage rate.

The general capacity can reach 80-300 kg/h. For specific needs, we can offer customization services.

  • Good fuel efficiency, and energy-saving. 

The swing oven has a digital temperature controller, which can realize automatic temperate control and high insulation performance. 

  • Multiple heating methods.

Electricity, heat transfer oil or gas.

  • Perfect baking result.

Due to even heating, the final products have uniform color and smooth surface.

  • Highly automatic and labor-saving.

Automatic feeding and discharging, one-person operation.

  • Easy to operate and maintain.
coated peanut roasters in factory
coated peanut roasters in factory


Power25kw (5-10m³)70kw (15m³)
Swing times40-60/min40-60/min
Technical data

Working video of coated peanut roaster machine

Being a leading swing type coated peanut roaster provider, we offer high-quality machinery at competitive prices and best service for each customer. If you need more information about our product, we’d like to know your requirement.

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