Affordable peanut burger coating machinery in Nigeria

coated peanut production line
coated peanut production line
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Automatic peanut coating machinery is one of our hotter sellers in Nigeria and draws an increasing number of Nigerian consumers. The entire coated peanut production line contains a peanut roasting machine, a peanut peeling machine, a peanut coating machine, coated peanut roasting machine, a cooling machine, a flavoring machine, and a packaging machine. Our peanut coating machine in Nigeria has reliable quality and at a reasonable and affordable factory price. Now we’ll go through the specifics of the coated peanut manufacturing line.

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria highlights

Peanut coating machinery
Peanut Coating Machinery
  • Wide application

Suitable for sugar-coated peanuts, flour-coated peanut, peanut burger, honey-coated peanut, besan coated peanut, spicy coated peanut, wasabi coated peanut, chocolate-coated peanut, etc.

  • High efficiency

The coated peanut production line has a high degree of automation and high output. The general capacity ranges from 100-1000kg/h.

  • High product quality

The final products are in good color and beautiful shape, and the layers of coating materials are in uniform thickness.

  • Hygienic and durable

The machine material is stainless steel, which is hygienic and durable.

Specification of a recent export case

Recently, we have exported our coated peanut-making machines in Nigeria and our Nigerian customer gave us good feedback about the production line. This coated peanut production line is of great help for him to start a peanut burger business in the local place. The following are the machine details of the peanut coating machinery.

ItemPictureMain parameter
1. Roasting machine   Peanut roasting machineModel: TZ-300
Output: 300-350KG/H
Heating type: electric heating
2. Dry peeling machine Peanut peeling machineCompletion rate:96%
Size: 1100*400*1000mm
3. Coating machine  Peanut coating machineModel: TZ-1000
Diameter: 1000mm
Main motor power: 1.1kw
4. Coated peanut roasting machine  Coated peanut roasting machine (swing oven)Model: TZCR-200
Heating power: 25kw
5. Cooling machine Coated peanut cooling machineSize: 2300x900x750mm
Fan power: 550w
Type: Cylinder discharge
6. Seasoning machine     Coate peanut flavoring machineType:TZ-800
7. Packing machine   Coated peanut packaging machineModel: TZ-320
Packing speed: 32-72bag/min or 100-130 bag/min
Bag length: 30-180mm
Power: 1.8kw

Packaging and delivery display

Packaging and delivery
Packaging And Delivery

If you are interested in the peanut coating machine, we would like to receive your requirements.


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