Electric coated peanut burger machine in Nigeria

coated peanut machine
coated peanut machine
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Our coated peanut machines are very popular in Nigeria and many other countries. The whole peanut burger production line mainly includes a peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut coating machine, coated peanut roaster machine (swing oven), seasoning machine, packing machine. Recently, we have delivered coated peanut machine in Nigeria. The following is an introduction to the details of the coated peanut machine and an export case.

Coated peanut machine introduction

A peanut coating machine is an essential machine in the peanut coating production line. The coated peanut machine in Nigeria can cover peanuts with layers of syrup, flour, honey, etc. to make sugared peanut, peanut burger, caramel-covered peanut, honey-coated peanut, etc. The final products have a uniform thickness of the coating and a smooth surface.

We offer coated peanut-making machines with different capacities according to the diameters of the pot. Electricity or gas can be the heating source. The output reaches from 10kg/h to 750kg/h or more. Made of stainless steel, the coated peanut machine in Nigeria is hygienic and durable.

Peanut coating machine
Peanut Coating Machine

Export details of coated peanut machine in Nigeria

Recently, we delivered the peanut burger coating machine to our Nigerian customer, who wanted to make peanut burgers with the machine to make a small peanut business locally. He chose the electric type machine with a capacity of 50-100kg/h, which meets his demand. The following is the technical data of the machine.

Technical data of Model TZ-200

Peanut coating machine

Model: TZ-200
Capacity: 50-100kg/H
Power: 0.75kw
Voltage: 380V
Heating source: electricty
Size: 1300*1000*1400mm

Package & delivery pictures

How to use the peanut coating machine?

After the coated peanut machine is turned on, the pot body rotates clockwise to make the materials roll in the pot, slide and grind, so that the coating material is evenly distributed on the peanut surface. The peanut burger coating machine has a mechanism to adjust the inclination angle of the coating pot according to the material feeding volume and material characteristics. The capacity of material in the pot is based on the value when the inclination angle of the pot is 30 °. The worm gear is used as the terminal output of the transmission, which has the characteristics of stable operation and no rotation of the pot body.

The supportive equipment of an air drying device in the coated peanut machine in Nigeria can quickly heat or cool down the materials. Hot air can be introduced into the pot to remove the water on the surface of the food. An equipped spraying gun can spray liquid coating materials on the peanuts. Manually spray the slurry on the peanuts in the pot several times to make the coating layer evenly on the peanut surface as soon as possible. Finally qualified coated peanuts are produced.

If you would like to know more about our peanut coating machine, welcome to contact us.