Peanuts in India

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As we all know, peanut is also known as ‘ground nuts’ or ‘groundnut’. It’s a memeber of the legume(bean) family. Peanut can grow up to 30-50 cm at their harvest time. Its growing usually lasts for around 90-120 days. Ground nuts are universally at the time of the Spanish and Portuguese conquest and colonization of South America. From then on, ground nuts gradually spread to South Asia in the 16th century, eventually flourishing and booming in India.

Ground Nuts Exporting Country

Peanut in india
peanut in India

Therefore, India is the second largest source of farming peanuts around the world, securing a place in food exporting countries. There covers thousands of hundreds of acers of peanuts. The area planting peanuts has exceeded 700 ha., some 39% in proportion to that of the world. India is also one of the four greatest countries that export peanuts. The other three are China, America, and Argentina. Many merchants or individuals buy peanuts from them.

Peanuts in India

peanut in India

Peanuts almost spread to the whole country, mainly in the North, South West, Middle, South East part as well as Peninsula. About six planting areas come inti being in India. Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra ,Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Uttar Pradesh are engaged in peanut planting. Among all the crops in India, groundnut is a major oil crops. Farmers can harvest peanut both in March and October because the climate here is suitable for twice-yearly crop rotation. Referirng to several Indian peanut varieties, including Java, Bold, TJ, Java Long, G20, K6, Mathadi, J24 and Western 44.

Peanuts Flavour

Peanuts in India is rich in sweet tasts, firm flesh, nutty flavour and crunky kernels. Much high protein and nutrition are stored in peanuts.  Many kinds of peanut products are supplied, including Blanched Peanuts, Roasted Peanuts, and Salted Peanuts. 

Peanut flavour
peanut flavour

Influence Factors in Planting Peanuts

Many factors have led to the prosperity of Indian peanuts, contributing to the development of the food industry of India. Such as dry sandy soil, large flat areas for farming, rich irrigation resource(river), plentiful rainfall in the monsoons, subtropical and tropical desert climate to provide abundant heat and sunshine.

Growing peanut
Growing Peanut
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