Does wet peanut peeler have specific requirements for peanut selection?

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With the development of science and technology, nowadays, for the processing of peanuts, it is no longer the traditional manual peeling. It is the use of peanut peeling machine, which greatly improves the work efficiency. So what do we need to meet when using a peanut peeler?
1 winter shelling, use a peanut peeler to remove the shell evenly sprayed on 50kg of peeled fruit with about 10kg of warm water, and cover it with plastic film for about 10 hours, then cool it in the sun for about 1 hour to start shelling. In other seasons, the time covered with plastic film is about 6 hours, and the rest is the same.

Wet peanut peeling machine1
2 Dilute the dried peanuts in a large pool, immediately remove them and cover them with plastic film for about 1 day, then cool them in the sun. After drying and drying, start to peel off with peanut peeling machine.
3 Connect the 380 volt three-phase power supply before use, then start the motor to see if the running direction is consistent with the direction of the indicating arrow. If it is inconsistent, adjust any two connectors in the power supply to achieve the same direction as the indicating arrow.
4 peanuts should not be too dry, otherwise it is brittle, the water content should be kept at around 9%, otherwise the breaking rate will increase. In this case, it is good to use water tide first, and it can be produced in 4 hours in winter.
5 Before the production of the feed, the peanuts prepared for shelling should be sorted separately, and the peanuts with different varieties and sizes should be separated, and then the sieve with appropriate specifications should be determined, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the breakage rate.
Since the casting of the peanut peeling machine replaces the traditional processing method, for the stone removing machine, it is necessary to do the above work before the start of the machine to operate safely. After the test run, if all parts of the machine are operating normally and there is no abnormal sound, the production can be started.


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