Broad bean wet peeling machine | soaked broad bean peeler

broad bean peeling machine
broad bean peeling machine
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Broad bean is a kind of nutritious bean, often processed to be various snacks. Broad bean contains eight kinds of amino acids, rich carbohydrates, a variety of mineral elements, and vitamins, which are all healthful to the human body. As broad beans taste better after peeling, it is a common processing step to peel broad beans in the food industry. A broad bean peeling machine, also known as a wet peanut peeling machine, is designed to meet the growing market demand for nut peeling. The wet type broad bean peeler has a peeling rate as high as 98%, high efficiency, and wide application. It can be used to remove the skins of soybeans, chickpeas, almonds, mung beans, etc. in small workshops, medium, or large nut processing factories.

Broad bean peeling machine highlights

  • Highpeeling rate and low breakage rate. The peeling rate is more than 95%, and the breakage rate is less than 5%.
  • After peeling, the surface of broad bean is smooth, clean, maintaining the original color.
  • Large output and fast speed. The broad bean peeler machine is time-saving and labor-saving. The yield reaches from 100-250kg/h.
  • Reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation and high degree of automation.
  • Made of stainless steel, the broad bean skins removal machine meets the food safety and hygience requirements.
  • Customization services are available.
Broad bean peeler machine 1
Broad Bean Peeler Machine 1

How does the broad bean peeler operate?

In the preparation period, firstly soak the broad beans in water until their skins can be rubbed off by hand. Then, pour them into the broad bean peeler machine to start peeling. The broad bean peeling machine uses high-standard soft rubber rollers to imitate manual peeling action. The skins are easy to fall off. In addition, broad bean skin and broad bean are discharged respectively from the outlets. The broad bean skin removal machine is automatic and highly efficient, which saves much labor and time.

Broad bean skin removal machine TZ-180 parameter

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