How does a dry peanut peeling machine work?

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Peanut butter is a favorite food among adults and children made of groundnuts. It contains various ingredients, including protein, fat and sugar and mineral elements, providing energy for human basic activities in life and work. Of various peanuts, a kind of red skin peanuts enjoys more popularity. As a growing number of customer needs for peanut butter rise, we pay more attention on peanut farmig and processing by introducing farm automation and mechanization. Therefore, a peanut butter production line gradually comes into being thanks to amazing power of industry. But, how does a peanut peeling work? Do you know it? A complete peanut line involves in peanut harvest machine, peanut shelling machine, nut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, grinding machine and filling machine. Today, I want to talk with you over how a peeling machine works. I will take peanut peeling machine as an example. Let’s get started.

Peanut peeling machine
Peanut Peeling Machine

Machine Working

After being transported into peanut butter factories, peanut kernels are waiting for peeling. Selecting exclude bad kernels not suitable for making peanut butter. And peanuts left will slip into peanut roaster machine for roasting. Once roasting is over, peanut kernels begin to crack, gradually giving off fragrance. And red peanut skins become crisp and light, easy to get off.

Next, pour roasted peanuts into inlet of nut peeling machine. Then switch on the machine. Peanut peeling machine consists of power device(electric motor, belt pulley, belt and bearing,etc), frame, feeding inlet, peeling roller(steel roller or sand roller), suction fan, etc. Machinery equips device with exhaust system and vibrating screen. When nut peeling machine works, it rolls friction at different speed. When the moisture of roasted peanuts is less than 5%(in case of burning), the best time for peeling is already. At such a time, exhaust system in peeler will suck red skins of peanuts away. The vibrating screen remove the peanut bud. As a result, peanut kernel is divided into two parts.

Peanut peeling machine
Peanut Peeling Machine


On the one hand, peanut peeling productivity has been greatly improved and breakage rate lowered. On the other hand, cost for peanut butter making is much lower. So more and more families can have cheap but tasty peanut butter. Multiple units can function simultaneously at one time to process different specifications for peeling peanuts. It is not only situable for processing various peanuts, but also for almonds, broad beans and mung beans. Besides, peeling machine is easy to operate. This device shows stable performance, high safety and reliability.

We’ve just introduced about how a peanut peeling machine works. Now, do you understand its working principle?