Advanced almond peeling machine | soaked almond peeling line

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Almond has high nutritional value and is widely favored. Almonds can be processed into a variety of almond products, such as almond milk, almond oil, almond powder, etc., but the almond skin is slightly bitter, which affects the taste and quality of almond products. Since the traditional peeling method can not meet the mass production of almond products, we have designed an advanced almond peeling machine with a high peeling rate and large capacities. It is also called a wet peanut peeling machine. The almond skin peeler machine has the advantages of easy operation, large output, high peeling rate (over 95%), and high quality of peeled almonds. The final almond kernels are in natural color and keep the original taste and protein. Meanwhile, almond skins and almond kernels are automatically separated and discharged separately. The almond peeler machinery is also suitable for peeling peanuts, chickpeas (chana), broad beans, soybeans, lentils, etc.

Nutrients of almonds

The protein content of almonds is higher than that of general cereal crops, and the amino acids types of almonds are complementary to those of cereal crops. Almond is an excellent source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids – linoleic acid, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is also a good source of VE, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and B vitamins.

Wet almond peeling machine working principle

An almond peeling machine is an efficient solution for processing almond skins. The almond skinning machine can automatically separate the skin and kernel of the almonds without damaging the kernels. As for the working principle of the peeling equipment, it needs to soak the almond first before peeling. Then pour the soaked almonds into the hopper of the almond peeler machine. The rotation and friction of the rubber rings of the machine enable the almond skin and kernel to be separated. At the same time, the almond skin and kernels are separated automatically and discharged on their respective tracks. This almond skinning machine is widely used in the processing of almond drinks, canned almonds, pickles, almond powder, etc.

Almond skin peeler machine details 1
Almond Skin Peeler Machine Details 1

Soaked almond peeling line

The almond peeling production process is soaking, peeling, and selecting. Our almond peeling processing line contains an almond skin removal machine, and other supportive equipment, including a vibrating feeder, hoist, soaking machine, dividing belt, wet almond peeling machine, pick belt. This almond peeling line is highly automatic and realizes continuous operation in the almond processing industry.

OrderItem  Size (mm) Power (kw) Quantity
1Vibrating feeder Vibrating feeder1000*1000*10000.751
2Hoist Hoist700*500*23000.751
3Soaking machine Soaking machine2900*1600*240076.51
4Dividing belt Dividing belt3000*500*20000.551
5Almond peeling machine Almond peeler machine 21150*850*11000.752
6Picking belt Picking belt6000*800*10000.751

For more details about our industrial wet type almond peeler or almond peeling production line, welcome to let us know your specific requirements.

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