Multifunctional wet peanut peeling machine

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This versatile peanut peeling machine is ideal for removing peanuts, almonds and hulls. This machine can make the almond skin easy to fall off, easy to operate, high yield, peeling rate of 98% or more, no damage, and the breaking rate is less than 5%. This machine is the most advanced equipment in the peeling machine.

Wet peanut peeling machine1

Before the raw materials need to be immersed in water, the soaked peanuts are poured into the hopper, and the peeling effect is achieved by imitating the handcuffs, and then the unloading wheel presses the peeled peanuts into the hopper and discharges therefrom. The hopper, the leather is peeled off by the leather wheel.

The machine is unique in that it uses a high strip, the strip is not broken, the color is bright, the surface is not brown, and the protein is unchanged. When the skin is combined with the skin, the peanut skin and the peanut are automatically separated, the efficiency is high, and the operation is simple.

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