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The peanut coating production line is to produce coated peanut snacks in the food processing industry. The coated peanut production line is suitable for making various candied snacks, including sugar-coated peanut, flour-coated peanut, honey-coated peanut, candied peanut, besan coated peanut, peanut burger, spicy coated peanut, wasabi coated peanut, chocolate-coated peanut, etc. The coated peanut making machines mainly include a roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, coating machine, vibration baking oven, seasoning machine, cooling machine, packing machine. The high output, smooth surface, uniform thickness of the final products are the outstanding features of the peanut coating production line.

coated peanuts
coated peanuts

Advantages of the peanut coating production line

  • Uniform coating. The raw materials move up and down at a uniform speed and can get layers of coating materials with uniform thickness.
  • High automation and efficiency. The coated peanut production line realizes continuous production. The output reaches high and we can customize the machine for specific needs.
  • Food safety and hygienic. The machine material in contact with food is food grade stainless steel and meets food safety standards.
  • Cusomized service is available. We provide machines of various types and outputs. For special needs, we can customize the machine.
coated peanut processing steps
coated peanut processing steps

Coated peanut processing equipment

To make coated peanuts, it generally needs the processing steps of roasting, peeling, coating, baking, seasoning, cooling, and packaging in the peanut coating production line.

coated peanut production line
coated peanut production line

Automatic peanut roasting machine

peanut roasting machine
peanut roasting machine

This peanut roasting machine has multiple functions, capable of roasting peanuts and other nuts, beans, or seeds. The peanut roaster can be heated by electricity or gas. Its general output ranges from 50 to 1000kg/h with a high thermal effect.

Roasted peanut peeling machine

peanut peeling machine
peanut peeling machine

The dry peanut peeler machine is designed to peel roasted peanuts with a high peeling rate (over 98%) and low breakage rate. The capacity of the peanut peeler reaches 200-1000kg/h. We also have other types of peanut peeling machines with a splitting function.

Peanut coating machine

peanut coating machine in factory
peanut coating machine in factory

The coated peanut machine can cover peanuts, beans, or pills with sugar, flour, honey, powder, or other coating materials. The peanut coating machine is equipped with a fan to heat or cool the materials and its speed can be adjusted. The heating methods can be electricity or gas.

Coated peanut roaster machine (optional for making roasted coated peanut)

coated peanut roasting machine (swing oven)
coated peanut roasting machine (swing oven)

The coated peanut roaster machine is to bake coated peanut snacks, like caramel-coated peanut, toffee-coated peanut, flour-coated peanut, and other granular foods. It realizes even heating with a low breakage rate. 

Coated peanut frying machine (optional for making fried coated peanut)

continuous deep fryer
continuous deep fryer

The coated peanut frying machine is to fry batches of coated peanuts. The mesh belt fryer machine can realize continuous frying and has high automation.

Cooling machine

cooling machine
cooling machine

The cooling machine is used for the cooling of fried or baked hot materials before packaging. The materials can be discharged automatically or manually. It is easy to use and can be gas or electricity heated.

Seasoning machine for snacks

seasoning machine
seasoning machine

This flavoring machine is used for the evenly mixing and seasoning of peanuts, French fries, potato chips, and puffed food. The machine has a reasonable surface structure, food-grade materials.

Coated peanuts packing machine

coated peanut packing machine 1
coated peanut packing machine 1

This pellet packaging machine can pack various granular foods. Packaging weight and the number of packaging bags can be adjusted. The coated peanuts packing machine reaches an ideal sealing effect by quick heating.

coated peanut packing machine
coated peanut packing machine

Apart from the above machines, we also offer other related machines of peanut sheller, pellet packaging machine, as well as supporting equipment of hoist, conveyor, etc.

Parameter of coated peanut making machines

Peanut roasting machineCapacity:50-500kg/h
Peanut peelerCapacity:200-1000kg/h
Coating machineCapacity:30-300kg/h
Rotating speed (r/min):28-41
Electric heating power:1-1.5kw/h
Coated peanut frying machine Power:80kwCapacity:500kg/h Size:3500*1200*2400mm
Swing ovenCapacity:80-300kg/h
Temperature: 180-220℃
Flavoring machineCapacity:300-1500kg/h
Cooling machineCapacity:80-100kg/h


What is the depth of the peanut coating machine in the peanut coating production line?


What is the power of the fan of the peanut coating machine?


Can the peanut coating machine be equipped with a liquid spreader?


What is the angle of the coating machine for peanuts?

15-95 degrees. For the tilting model, the angle can be adjusted.

How to lubricate the bearing?

A grease gun injection device.

The peanut coating production line is one of our hot-selling machines in the global market. If you require more detailed information about our machines, please contact us directly.

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