Gas/electric coated peanut deep frying machine (50-300kg/h)

coated peanut frying machine
coated peanut frying machine
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Coated peanut deep frying machine is designed to fry coated peanuts, like flour-coated peanut, peanut burger, multi-flavor peanuts. The basket deep frying machine is also suitable for frying a wide range of other foods, like potatoes, banana chips, pasta, chicken, fish, or meat. Either gas or electricity can be the heating source. The semi-automatic basket frying machine is applicable to small and medium-sized food factories of fast food, fried chicken, and pastry food. As a global coated peanut deep frying machine manufacturer, we offer various models of commercial deep fryers with different outputs and have delivered them to a great number of countries.

Highlights of coated peanut deep frying machine

  • Wide application. The batch fryer machine can fry various kinds of foods.
  • Uniform heating. Automatic temperature control ensuring food nutrition.
  • Energy-saving and oil-saving. Both the gas and electric types are cost-effective.
  • Clean, sanitary and easy to clean. Made of food-grade stainless steel.
  • Different outputs available. We support customized service. The general output ranges from 50-300kg per hour.

How to make fried coated peanuts?

Before frying coated peanuts, it is necessary to use a peanut coating machine to cover the peanut with flour, spices, etc. It is an essential machine in the coated peanut production line. Then, we should fry or bake the coated peanut for direct eating. Fried peanuts have a crispy flavor and good taste so that they are very popular in snack food markets. How to make fried coated peanuts with the basket frying machine fryer?

The coated peanut deep frying machine is a multipurpose and semi-automatic frying machine. The temperature can be set according to different needs. During the frying process, the oil temperature is automatically controlled. As a result, it keeps the frying temperature consistent and the color of the coated peanuts consistent. As the batch fryer adopts advanced oil-water separating technology, it can save oil and energy. After frying, people need to lift the basket to discharge the fried food. There are different types of coated peanut deep frying machines with basket numbers up to 6.

3-basket deep fryer
3-Basket Deep Fryer

Other types of coated groundnut frying machine

Apart from the basket-type deep frying machine, we have other types of deep fryer machines.

  1. Automatic discharging batch bucket fryer
Batch bucket fryer
Batch Bucket Fryer

2. continuous frying machine

Automatic fryer machine
Automatic Fryer Machine

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