Peanut fryer machine | groundnut frying machine (50-1500kg)

peanut fryer machine
peanut fryer machine
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An automatic peanut fryer machine is suitable for frying groundnuts in batches. It is also applicable to other nuts, beans, pasta, meat, chicken, fish, chips, vegetables, etc. The frying process is automatic, safe, clean, oil-saving, and fuel-saving. The fried food has bright colors, good taste, and an attractive smell. There are mainly three types of peanut fryer machines with the features of various outputs, controllable temperature, and energy-saving. The groundnut frying machine is often used to make fried coated peanuts, or applied in the fried peanut production line, potato chips production line, banana chips production lines, and so on.

Fried peanuts and peanut fryer machine
Fried Peanuts And Peanut Fryer Machine

Fried peanut snacks

For fried peanut snacks, it is commonly seen the following types.

  • Fried peanuts with red skins

The fried peanuts with red skins have an attractive color and smell, often taken as a dish.

  • Fried peeled peanuts

Many people prefer fried peeled groundnuts, which have a smooth surface and taste.

Peanuts 1
Peanuts 1
  • The fried coated peanuts

Coated peanuts are those covered with flour, sugar, or other materials. The fried coated peanuts have a crisp taste and multiple favors. The peanut fryer machine can be used as a coated peanut frying machine.

Coated peanut
Coated Peanut

Peanut fryer machine types

We offer three types of peanut fryer machines, which can meet the various demands of different customers. The heating methods can be electricity or gas.

Basket deep fryer

Groundnut frying machine 1

The basket deep fryer has a square shape. A single basket can be lifted manually to discharge the fried food. The numbers and sizes of baskets determine the output. 

Automatic discharging batch fryer

Fried peanut machine

The semi-automatic batch fryer has an automatic discharging function. To realize automatic feeding, it can be installed with automatic feeding equipment. It can meet medium food processing factories.

Continuous deep fryer

Peanut frying machine

The continuous deep fryer has a high level of automation. It can realize continuous frying with an output ranging from 500 to 1500 kg/h. Continuous deep frying machine is usually used in medium or large plants.

A peanut sheller machine

Peanut peeling machine

Peanut coating machine

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