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An automatic peanut brittle machine is to produce candied roasted peanut snacks. The peanut candy production line mainly contains 6 machines, a peanut roaster machine, a peanut peeling machine, sugar melting machine, a peanut brittle forming and cutting machine, a peanut brittle mixing machine, peanut candy packing machine. The peanut brittle making machine has wide application, suitable for making sesame seed peanut candy, sesame bar, peanut chikki, granola bar, snack bar, energy bar, protein bar, etc. The automatic peanut brittle production line is featured with high automation and output, uniform shape of the final product, reasonable structure, simple operation.

Peanut brittle and other candied snack
Peanut Brittle And Other Candied Snacks

Peanut candy production line advantages

  1. Highly automatic and labor-saving
  2. Uniform and adjustable product sizes and shapes
  3. Stable and continuous operation and high yield
  4. Easy to operate and maintain
  5. Wide application. Suitable for various candied snacks with nuts or seeds
  6. Customized service available.
Peanut brittle production line
Peanut Brittle Production Line
Peanut candy production line
Peanut Candy Production Line

Video of peanut candy cutting machine

What machines are included in the peanut candy bar production line?

The peanut brittle processing line mainly includes the peanut roaster, a peanut peeler, a sugar cooking machine, a peanut brittle forming and cutting machine, a peanut candy mixing machine, and a peanut candy wrapping machine, as well as auxiliary equipment.

1. Peanut roaster machine

Peanut roaster

The peanut roaster machine is designed to roast peanuts and other nuts or beans, like almonds, cashew nuts, walnut, chestnut, sesame seeds, cocoa beans, etc. The advanced drum structure can enable the machine to heat materials evenly and efficiently, with an output of up to 1000kg/h.

2. Peanut peeling machine

Dry peanut peeling machine

The roasted peanut peeling machine is to remove the red skins of peanut kernels. It has a high peeling rate and low breakage rate. The output can be from 200-1000kg per hour.

3. Steam-jacketed kettle

Sugar melting pot

To make peanut candy, syrup is an essential ingredient. A steam-jacketed kettle, also known as a syrup cooking pot, is to melt sugar for making syrup. It has a double-layer structure with inner and outer spherical pot bodies.

The sugar melting pot has the characteristics of a large heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, various heating methods, easy operation, and a tilting function. The general structure contains a mixing rod, cover, pot body, motor, thermometer, hand wheel, control cabinet, etc. The thickness of the pot is 3mm and the popular volume ranges from 100 to 600L. The finished product can be discharged easily. The sugar melting pot is widely used in the processing of all kinds of food, and can also meet the needs of large restaurants or canteens for cooking sauce, soup, stew, porridge, and so on.

Parameter of steam-jacketed tilting kettle

Modeldiameter(mm)Inner layer thickness(mm)outer layer thickness(mm)


Can you add a cover without the mixing device?


Can the mixing motor be changed to 110V?


What are the heating sources?

Electricity, natural gas, liquefied gas, biogas, steam.

How much heat transfer oil does a 100L electric heating model need?

About 40 kilograms.

What is the machine material?

304 food-grade stainless steel. can be customized.

4. Peanut brittle mixing machine

Peanut brittle mixing machine

A mixing machine is to mix the syrup with other materials, especially nuts and seeds, like peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

The mixer machine has the features of heat preservation effect, temperature control system, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, non-adhesion, etc. It is also convenient to discharge the products.

Technical data of mixing machine

technical parameter

5. Ascension conveyor

Lifting conveyor

The lifting conveyor is to lift and send the material processed by the mixing machine to the automatic cutting machine. The surface is stainless steel and the conveyor belt material is PVC. The general size is 2500*820*1080mm.

6. Peanut brittle forming, cutting and cooling machine

Peanut brittle forming and cutting machine

The peanut brittle machine integrates the functions of mixing, forming, cooling, and cutting. It is applicable to a wide variety of snack foods, like peanut candy, puffed rice candy, cereal bar, sesame candy, granola bar, energy bar, protein bar, chikki, and caramel treats, etc.

The peanut brittle forming and cutting machine is an important part of the peanut candy production line. It can form the peanut candy into a rectangle, square, round, or other shapes.

Highlights of peanut brittle machine

  • Multiple and integrated functions.

The peanut brittle forming and cutting machine firstly stirs the raw materials and its pressing roller presses sticky raw materials into a flat shape. Then, the 3 fans immediately cool the peanut candy for a better cutting effect in the following procedure. The peanut brittle machine has a cross cutter and several vertical cutters to cut the whole materials into expected sizes.

  • Adjustable product sizes

The conveyor belt’s width is 560mm. A cross cutter and a set of verticle blades cut the materials on the conveyor into different lengths and widths. The speed of the conveyor is changeable to cut the materials into different lengths. The width of the material depends on the number of vertical blades, which can be customized based on special needs. The thickness of the raw material is adjustable by using handwheels on both sides to change the heights of the rollers. Besides, we have another type of peanut brittle forming machine, called a rotary table forming machine. It has various molds that can form the materials into round, cylinder, spherical or other shapes.

Final peanut brittle products
Final Peanut Brittle Products
Rotary table forming machine
Rotary Table Forming Machine
  • Hygienic and durable

The conveyor belt material is PVC, and the machine is made of stainless steel. The peanut brittle machine is quite hygienic, meeting food safety standards.


ModelTZ-68Cooling conveyor
Motor380V, 50hz380V/220V
Belt width560mm 

7. Peanut candy packing machine

Peanut candy packing machine

The final step of the peanut candy production line is the packaging of final products. Our pillow-type packing machine is suitable for packing various foods and is widely applied in the food processing lines. The packing speed is 50-300pcs/min.

Export cases

For more details about our peanut brittle machine, welcome to contact us directly.

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