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A cereal bar molding machine is also called a full automatic forming and cutting machine, with integrated functions of mixing, forming, cooling, and cutting. The peanut candy cutting machine is often used to form and cut granola bar, snack bar, energy bar, protein bar,  peanut candy, sesame bar, peanut chikki, caramel treats, puffed rice candy, melon seed candy, etc. in the snack food processing industry. We also offer peanut brittle production lines or cereal bar production line.

Snack bars
Snack Bars

Outstanding advantages of cereal bar molding machine

  • Integrated design and multiple purposes. The peanut candy cutting machine has compact structure and reasonable layout of mechanical transmission system.
  • Simple operation and humanized automatic operation control. The peanut candy bar cutting machine has the features of frequency conversion control, convenient parameter setting, centralized and intuitive operation.
  • Stable operation and high automation. The cereal bar molding machine has the functions of automatic forming, automatic material conveying and automatic cutting, etc.
  • Continuous production, high output.
  • Adjustable material thickness and size. Customized parts can be provided, such as vertical cutter molds, to meet personalized needs.
Peanut candy bar cutting machine
Peanut Candy Bar Cutting Machine

Peanut candy bar cutting machine structure

The cereal bar molding machine adopts an advanced mechanical structure, combined with an electric appliance PLC touch screen operating system so that the production process can achieve full automation, which reduces the production cost and improves production efficiency. The peanut candy bar cutting machine can realize continuous feeding, automatic pressing, automatic cutting, and automatic flattening.

The main components of the granola bar cutting machine include feeding port, conveyor belt, cross-cutting knife, vertical cutting blades, pressure rollers, cooling fans, etc. The machine adopts frequency conversion adjustment, with accurate cutting size, uniform thickness, and good forming. The whole machine works continuously, and there is no need for manual connection in the production process, so as to realize full-automatic and intelligent operation.

Working process of granola bar cutting machine

The main workflow of the cereal bar molding machine includes automatic mixing – automatic pressing – automatic cooling–automatic cutting. Specifically, pour the mixture of syrup and puffed cereal or roasted nuts into the feed port. Then, the materials are sent to the main machine for automatic leveling and pressing. After that, the conveyor belt transports the materials to the automatic cutting mechanism, and the machine performs cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting according to the set requirements. In this process, the cooling fans cool it, and then the cut materials are sent to the finished product packaging section through the conveyor belt.

Cereal bar molding machine structure details
Cereal Bar Molding Machine Structure Details

Working video of granola bar cutter

Technical data

Total power of the main engine380V/50HZ 1.5KW
/220V/50HZ  2.5KW
Finished product weight5g-300g
Mesh belt width560mm

Equipment installation and precautions

Peanut candy cutting machine in factory
Peanut Candy Cutting Machine In Factory
  1. The parts of cereal bar molding machine installed at the factory shall be rechecked after unpacking, and the loose parts shall be tightened.
  2. The equipment shall be installed indoors to avoid direct sunlight and placed safely.
  3. Lighting facilities and corresponding power supply are needed.
  4. The operation room shall be well ventilated and equipped with air compressor with pressure of 0.2mpa-0.8mpa.
  5. This peanut candy bar cutting machine should be operated and maintained by qualified personnel, otherwise incorrect operation may cause irreversible damage to the equipment.
  6. When the equipment is overhauled, the power must be cut off.


What is the machine material?

The outer part of the machine is made of stainless steel and the part in contact with food is PVC.

What is the effective working width of the machine?


Is the speed of the peanut candy cutting machine adjustable?


Is the cutting size adjustable?

Yes, it can be adjusted by changing the number of blades, the cutting speed, and the height of the roller.

What is the height range of the pressing roller?

The general height is 5-25mm.

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