Why do peanut baking machines use microwaves?

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Nut roasting machine features:
1. Fast baking speed, short time, high efficiency 2, uniform baking, microwave baking is the simultaneous heating inside and outside of the whole grain material, there will be no internal and external unevenness.

Peanut oven3
3, baking at the same time accompanied by sterilization, insecticidal egg function, extend the shelf life of grain porridge and improve product quality.
4. Microwave baking equipment belongs to the energy-saving and environmental protection equipment advocated by the state. The equipment does not need energy transfer when working. It is the heat generated by the material itself. The temperature rises and there is almost no energy loss. Compared with other methods, the heating energy is more than 30%, and the whole The production process is free of any polluting waste.
5, advanced equipment technology, high degree of automation, microwave baking is the production line, only need to determine the working parameters, you can start a key to achieve automated continuous production, is the current grain production enterprises to buy baking equipment.
6, the equipment uses electricity, does not need coal, gas and other fuels, small footprint, safe, easy to control, simple operation, technical requirements for workers is not high, as long as 1-2 people can achieve baking processing.
7, the equipment size can be customized, microwave baking equipment can be customized according to the output size, workshop conditions, material characteristics and other factors, there will be no power is too wasteful, or not enough.
Microwave baking equipment technical parameters:
1. System composition: microwave heating chamber, microwave generator, microwave suppressor, material conveying system, control and detection system, moisture discharge, electrical component heat removal and other systems.


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