Vacuum packaging machine for maintenance

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The vacuum packaging machine is a device for extracting the gas in the packaging bag in order to prolong the shelf life of the food. The operation is simple and quick, and the use and maintenance are also convenient. Today, Xiaobian introduces its maintenance methods for everyone.

Puffed food packaging machine4
1. Under normal circumstances, the oil in the vacuum pump should be bright and clear, and there should be no blistering or turbidity. After the oil has settled at rest, there is a milky white substance that cannot disappear. This indicates that foreign matter has entered the vacuum pump oil and needs to be replaced with new oil in time.
2. Personnel using the equipment need to check the oil level and observe the color of the oil once a week. If the oil level is below the “MIN” mark, you will need to refuel. Also do not exceed the “MAX” mark. If the oil in the vacuum pump is diluted due to too much condensate, it needs to be replaced completely. If necessary, replace the gas ballast valve.
3. The operator needs to check the intake filter of the packaging machine and the exhaust filter every month.
4. After the equipment is used for half a year, clean the dust and dirt in the pump cavity of the vacuum pump, and clean the hood, fan wheel, ventilation grille and cooling fins of the fan. Note: Use compressed air for cleaning.
5. Use a vacuum sealer to replace the exhaust filter once a year, clean or replace the nearest filter, and use compressed air for cleaning.
6. The vacuum pump oil and oil filter need to be replaced every 500-2000 hours of vacuum equipment.
Any machine needs regular maintenance to ensure the normal use of the machine and to extend its service life. Vacuum packaging machines are no exception. I hope that everyone will study this knowledge seriously.